Nicole Kidman’s Children Make Her Proud

June 7, 2014 | 0

Nicole Kidman has four children, two from Tom Cruise, her first husband and two from Keith Urban, her present husband. The couple adopted a daughter called Isabella Jane born in 1992 and a son called Connor Anthony, born in 1995.

Nicole says that she had experienced a miscarriage after marriage to Tom. She says, “ I wanted babies with Tom as soon as I got married. And we lost the baby, which was quite traumatic. That is when we decided to adopt Isabella.”

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Nicole Kidman children from Tom Cruise

After marrying her current husband, country-singer Keith Urban in 2006, Nicole Kidman gave birth to his daughter Sunday Rose Kidman Urban in 2008 and a second daughter Faith Margaret Kidman Urban in 2010. While  the middle name of the first daughter is derived from Keith’s grand-mother Rose, Faith’s middle name is derived from Kidman’s late grandmother.

Now, Isabella and Connor have both grown up,with the daughter aged 21 and the son aged 19, Nicole is all praises for the kids.She says, “The children are hardworking, kind and generous. I love to see these traits in my children.”

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The actress has says that her family is the first and foremost to her. She says “If there were a choice to take between my family and career, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. The two most important things is the relationship with my husband and my children. “

Both Sunday Rose and Faith Marget are incidentally quite similar to their mother, in terms of appearance with Faith having the same curly hair like her famous mother.

Nicole Kidman Children Sunday and Faith Nicole Kidman children Sunday Rose Faith Margaret


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