How does Brooke Burke cover her melasma?

August 18, 2014 | 0

Brooke Burke is one of the celebrities who suffer from melasma. It is a skin discoloration condition that causes pigmentation on the skin, resulting in tanned or patchy brown appearance on the surface. The 42 year old actress and host of  ‘Dancing with the Stars’, does look gorgeous,  even in the face of this  skin pigmentation problem.  Brooke Burke says that if she removes layers of make-up, anyone can see the hyperpigmentation on the skin.

brooke burke melasma face brooke burke melasma photo

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 Melasma is more common among adult women of child-bearing age, compared to men. The reason why this skin disorder is worrying is because it can affect the internal layers of the skin, and is tied to hormonal production in the body. Sun exposure can worsen the condition.

Brooke says that she had gone through different types of treatment with little success. She says, “ Since I was hosting ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and was on camera all the time, I would take every kind of treatment from lasers to chemical peels but nothing really worked. All of these treatments only made my skin thinner.  Finally I decided to do something that finally worked for me”

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Brooke Burke melasma pictures Brooke Burke with melasma

 She adds, “I learned to cover the blemishes well. I used a great sunscreen and covered the spots with a product that is non-greasy and does the job so well that you won’t even find melasma on me, till I tell you.”

Brooke says that product in question that helped her was the Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup.  She says, “The blending is so good that it covers effortlessly”

Brooke burke melasma mineral makeup Brooke Burke melasma treatment

 So how does Brooke Burke cover her melasma spots?  She first applies a concealer cover on the skin and then applies foundation after which she applies the Sheer Cover sun-kissed bronzing minerals to comprehensively cover the blemishes.

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