51 Amazing Indian Celebrities Look-Alikes!

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In Dil Chahta Hai, Saif Ali Khan said,”Har kissi ka chehra kissi na kissise toh milti hain’ (every one’s face does match with someone or the other). Taking a leaf from his book, we have collected look-alikes of Indian celebrities  including Bollywood that have similar facial features with their Hollywood counterparts, Pakistani celebrities, common people from India and from within Bollywood. Presenting the face-mates –


  • aamir khan tom hanksAamir Khan and Tom Hanks – Apart from being look-alikes of each other, both are known to be exceedingly brilliant in their acting skills

aishwarya rai sara carbonero

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  • Aishwarya Rai and Sara Carbonero  –  Sara is the gorgeous news-presenter and sports journalist from Spain

akshay kumar look-alike shawn michaels

  • Akshay Kumar and Shawn Michaels – The good-looking Indian actor and the American professional wrestler are known for a similar glint in their eye.

alok nath and elvis presley


  • Alok Nath and Elvis Presley – Once upon a time, the ‘sanskari’ Alok Nath had a close resemblance to the ‘King’

anushka sharma look-alike nazia hassan

  • Anushka Sharma and Nazia Hassan –  The slim actress has an uncanny resemblance to the popular Pakistani music icon.  And we have to admit that Nazia looked even better than Anushka.

arbaaz khan roger federer look-alike

  • Arbaaz Khan and Roger Federer (the Swiss professional tennis player)

asin kayla ewell look-alike

  • Asin and Kayla Ewell – The latter is an American actress known for her roles in movies like the  Vampire Diaries and Bold and Beautiful.

bipasha basu sofia loren look-alike

  • Bipasha Basu and Sofia Loren – Even Bipasha thinks that she looks similar to the sultry actress from Italy. Sofia incidentally called Bipasha after ‘Jism’ to compliment her on her performance and told that she reminded her of her younger self.

dhoni and glen johnson look-alike

  • Dhoni and Glen Johnson (English footballer who plays for Liverpool)angelina jolie and esha gupta
  • Esha Gupta and Angelina Jolie –  The resemblance is killing but Esha has miles to go before she can match in stature to Angie.

hrishita bhatt and Alyssa Milano

Hrishita Bhatt and Alyssa Milano (known for the hit TV series ‘ Who’s the Boss and movies like Poison Ivy 2 and Conflict of Interest)

hrithik roshan and bradley cooper look-alike

Hrithik Roshan and Bradley Cooper (known for American Hustle, Hangover series, Silver Linings Playbook and more)

hrithik roshan and harman baweja look-alike

Hrithik Roshan and Harman Baweja

ileana d'cruz and golshifteh farahani

Ileana and Golshifeth Farahani (Iranian actress) – Both have similar facial features and similar body-type too.

imtiaz ali and sikander kher look-alike

  • Imtiaz Ali (director of Highway, Jab We Met) and  Sikander Kher (actor, son of Kirron Kher)

jiahn khan and emmy rossum look-alike

  • Jiah Khan and Emmy Rossum (known for her role in Mystic River)

jimmy shergill barry pepper

  • Jimmy Shergill and Barry Pepper (of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ fame)  – Both look as if they are twins separated by birth. Uncanny similarity!

jitendra charle sheen

  • Jitendra and Charlie Sheen  – Do they need an introduction?

john abraham look-alike

  • John Abraham and Mubashir Malik (British news presenter and writer) – The actor himself posted the picture with his similar looking brother from another mother.

kareena kapoor look-alike paris hilton

  • Kareena Kapoor and Paris Hilton

kareena kapoor sajjal ali

  • Kareena Kapoor and Sajjal Ali (Pakistani actress)

katrina kaif and zarine khan

  • Katrina Kaif and Zarine Khan –  Katrina Kaif is gorgeous but she has a common face that finds reflection in so many women around the world, one of them being the beautiful Zarine Khan herself.

katrina kaif camille belle

  • Katrina Kaif and Camilla Belle (American actress known for movies like ‘The Ballad of Jack and Rose’, ‘Push’ and ‘Breakaway’)

katrina kaif look-alike cobie smulders pictures

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Katrina Kaif and Cobie Smulders (known for her role in ‘How I Met Your Mother’)

negar khan paris hiton look-alike

  • Negar Khan and Paris Hilton

Parineeti Chopra and Hayden Panettiere look-alike

  • Parineeti Chopra and Hayden Panettiere (known for her roles in ‘Nashville and Scream -4’

parveen babi and deepshikha

  • Parveen Babi and Deepshikha (Indian TV actress)

preity zinta drew barrymore look-alike

  • Preity Zinta and Drew Barrymore

priyanka chopra eva mendes look-alike

  • Priyanka Chopra and Eva Mendes

raj kapoor look-alike clark gable

  • Raj Kapoor and Clark Gable

rakhee sawant haifa wehbe look-alike

  • Rakhi Sawant and Haifa Wehbe (Lebanese singer and actress)Ranbir Kapoor and Simon Helberg
  • Ranbir Kapoor and Simon Helberg (from The Big Bang Theory)

ranveer singh bradley cooper look-alike

  • Ranveer Singh and Bradley Cooper – We think with the beard on, Ranveer looks similar to  Bradley Cooper, even more than Hrithik Roshan does.

freddie mercury robert vadera look-alike

  • Robert Vadera and Freddie Mercury

sachin tendulkar look-alike

  • Sachin Tendulkar and Maradona – One legend compliments the other. saif ali khan and petrol pump man
  • Saif Ali Khan and the petrol pump guy– Not much is known about the person in the first part of the above photograph, but we know that he is a mini-celebrity with quite a fan following.

salman khan look-alike

  • Salman Khan and Hasnain Saleem – The latter lives in Sialkot, Pakistan and lives, walks and of course, looks just like the Bollywood superstar.

sanjay dutt and jean reno

  • Sanjay Dutt and Jean Reno (known for Mission Impossible, Da Vinci Code and Leon-The Professional)

sanjay kapoor and liev Schreiber

  • Sanjay Kapoor and Liev Schreiber

shah rukh khan look-alike

  • Shah Rukh Khan and Muhammad Umar Malik (SRK fan-boy from Pakistan)

shahid kapoor cilian murphy

  • Shahid Kapoor and Cilian Murphy (known for Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, Inception and many more)

shahid kapoor look-alike zack braff

  • Shahid Kapoor and Zach Braff ( known for TV series ‘Scrubs’)

shakuntala devi and gloria foster look-alike

  • Shakuntala Devi and Gloria Foster (known for the ‘Matrix’ series)

siddarth malhotra sudesh berry

  • Sidharth Malhotra and Sudesh Berry

virat kohli dominic cooper look-alike

  • Virat Kohli and Dominic Cooper (of ‘Devil’s Double’ fame)

virat kohli look-alike

  • Virat Kohli and a fan-boy – Will the real Virat please stand up?

virender sehwag john christopher reily

  • Virender Sehwag and John Christopher Reily (of ‘Days of Thunder’, ‘The Hours’ and ‘Carnage’ fame)

zeenat aman and parveen babi look-alike

  • Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi


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