Adalia Rose – The Progeria Child, a Social Media Sensation!

March 29, 2014 | 0

Adalia Rose Williams is among the few living with progeria condition. This is a condition what causes premature aging. She is about 7 years and she is one girl who has gone through many hurdles. That is because she struggles with progeria, which is making her little body age faster than normal. She has had to go through many challenges including being a victim of a death hoax and people stealing her videos from the internet.

From Round Rock, Texas, Adalia Rose has been a public figure with just as many Facebook fans as George Strait and Willie Nelson combined. She is a celebrity in her own way. Weighing only about 15 pounds and 30 inches tall, Adalia loves dancing, singing, and dressing up. The love and admiration people have over Adalia is amazing, but behind the smiles and hugs, there are challenges and uncertainties.

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Adalia struggles with problems like hair loss, vision impairment, and dislocated hip among many other symptoms. Nonetheless, she bravely battles progeria. Her family has had to make adjustments in order to meet her special needs. As Adalia’s mom Natalia Amozurrutia said, she wishes she could go and take her kids out naturally and normally like other children but for her, it is difficult because of wind and sun, and Adalia gets tired easily.

Most family activities are thus preferably held indoors to protect Adalia from effects that may be caused by sun and wind. The brother to Adalia, Marcelo seems to have a special relationship with his sister and does not mind as long as the sister is around near him. Apparently, Adalia does not go to school since she needs special and constant care, and while the dad is busy at work, the mom stays at home to take care of the kids and their pet dog Solomon.

Since Adalia was two months old, Amozurrutia said that they started seeing her changing. Amozurrutia says that she guessed it was failure to thrive. Adalia and her family focuses on the positive often posting videos on her ventures through Facebook. Adalia has garnered a big support in social media with more than 7 million fans around the world.

Adalia strikes a remarkable picture of ‘joie de vivre’ and confidence. Even in her numerous Youtube videos that have a huge share of fans, people are struck by her enthusiasm and her dancing abilities.  Nonetheless, her emergence into the public domain also came with a fair share of challenges and unwanted attention.

Adalia has been subjected to contemptible abuse and has been even a victim of a death hoax. In July 2013, malicious rumors spread online that Adalia was dead, something that caused daunting moments for the parents. But amidst all the controversies about her, she has become an internet hit after the mother posted videos online showing Adalia dancing to tunes like Vanilla Ice’s Ice , Kolaveri Di, and Gangnam Style.  Her official Youtube channel has nearly 60,000 subscribers, while her official Twitter page has nearly 41,000 followers.  Adalia Rose ‘s Facebook Page has 8.8 million fans, and still growing.

Her fan mail address on her official website is is Adalia Williams, PO Box 909, Round Rock, TX 78680

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