Akrit Jaiswal – The Youngest Surgeon in the World

June 14, 2014 | 0

Akrit Jaswal has been showing extraordinary intelligence level since he was young. At a very tender age, Jaswal began illustrating his unusual intelligence. He could speak when he was ten months and could read and write by the time he reached two years. At five years, he was reading popular plays by William Shakespeare and started reading other books including those related to medicine.

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When doctors heard about Jaswal’s intelligence, they begun allowing him to watch and learn how surgeries are performed. In Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh, the name of the boy was growing famous. On the 19th November, 2000, when he was only seven years, he performed his first surgery. The surgery was performed to an eight year old girl who had sustained burns on fingers about five years ago.

The girls had not sought for treatment because her family did not have the financial ability to pay for a surgeon. For Jaswal’s ability to perform the surgery, it was relieve for the family of the girl. In 2007, short videos of that surgery started being streamed in YouTube and this gave the boy fame around the world. From his fame and determination, Jaswal was accepted to join Chandrigarth College at 12 years, which makes him the youngest person who have ever studied into a university in India.

At the age of 13, one year later after joining the college, his IQ was measured at 146. This prompted organizations around the world to develop interests on Jaswal. Firecracker Films organized for Jaswal to be brought to England in 2012 to perform tests. This organization discovered that the body had extremely high skills but not in all areas.

In some areas, the body showed very high skills but he was not good at others like pattern matching. Jaswal got an opportunity to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show. There have been some claims that Jaswal’s fame at the early childhood may have caused some harm to the boy. These are theories raised by people because they argue that Jaswal was exposed to too much pressure as a child.

Jaswal’s parents divorced when the body was young and there are claims that the divorce was contributed to his father’s frustration because Jaswal was not recognized by the Indian government and the media at that early age. Nonetheless, Jaswal has denied those claims and in an interview conducted in 2005, he said that he had plenty of friends whom he played with during his childhood and he had nursery rhymes also.

Jaswal said that his parents did not put pressure on him, and they were the ones who always said that he should take a rest and calm down. Jaswal has a quest for cure for cancer and has been known for his attempt to cure cancer. He even declared that he already knows the cure to cancer and he knew it ever since he was eight years. Nonetheless, there have been a lot of skepticisms about Jaswal’s allegation for cure for cancer.

And as Mustafa Djamgoz said, Jaswal is a brilliant boy and knows his interests and he has put his determination, heart, soul, and mind in finding cure for cancer. While his solution may work, Djamgoz said that it may not be that novel. It is premature to consider that Jaswal has already found cure for cancer, and it is also unclear how far the boy has gone with his research on cancer. Born in 1993, Jaswal is a genius and it may not take long before he surprises mankind.

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