Alex Connerty – The Inspirational Face of Primordial Dwarfism

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Alex Connerty is one among the few children born with primordial dwarf condition. Unlike other types of dwarfism, with the primordial type, it allow one to have a body that is in proportion but one will always remain a unique little person who never grows past the height of three feet. This is a rare condition which manifests as restricted growth. And, with this form of restricted growth there is also another aspect which is; Alex Connerty may lot live past the age of thirty. The restriction in growth also comes with restricted life expectancy.

Alex was delivered through an emergency Caesarean on the 11th April 2005 and weighed just 2lb 10 oz and measured less than 12 inches from the head to toe while the hands were the size of the father’s thumbnail. Alex spent months in Ormskirk hospital’s special care unit where he battled out with stomach and lung problems. Alex is from Maghull in UK, and his mother Sue once said, their son will walk with the giants for the better part of his life but for use, we consider him a titan, and people already stand in his shadow.

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Racing against time, when the family realized that their son had this form of dwarfism, they embarked on a journey to the US to find out if their son could have the potentially fatal brain aneurysm. There are less than 100 cases of the form of dwarfism that Alex suffers. It is the microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II, and what makes it different from the others is the body of the people with the condition remains proportional but very tiny.

His family launched the campaign dubbed the “Walking with Giants” that fundraised in an attempt to send Alex to the US to the world’s renowned expert in dwarfism. Dr Charles Scott is regarded as the world’s expert in dwarfism and is based in the USA. Alex is social and outgoing, with an embodiment of great personality though he is a little naughty, cheeky, and stubborn.

The Majewski osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II or MOPD II means that people who have the condition tend to have normal body proportions but their sizes remain small for their chronological age. Alex’s older sister Jessica, and brother, Michael dote on their little brother and they call him the ‘little Action Man’. Everywhere Alex goes, he attracts curious stares from the strangers and his mother Sue, was quick to point out that she would prefer if people could come up and ask more about Alex than just staring at him.

Sue said that Alex is very social and they want to explain more about the primordial dwarf to other people. So, people should not just stare at Alex but come closer and talk to him and the family. As Alex gets older, the feelings from such stare may only make things worse for him. The primordial dwarfism is an extremely rare but inherited disorder, and its cause is not clearly understood.

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It is a condition that affects one in three million persons. In future as Alex ages, he is likely to experience some symptoms such as poor sign, dental abnormalities, spinal curvature, among other signs. Most of the children with primordial dwarf condition have dentures by the age of six years.

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