Ali Quli Mirza meets girlfriend Gauri and gets slapped by Sonali, the next day!

November 27, 2014 | 0

Ali Quli Mirza’s girlfriend Gauri’s entry was certainly the brightest spot for him in the Bigg Boss House. In the app task, he was rewarded the opportunity to meet her and have dinner with him. Though it was a fond memory for him, the next day out to be equally torturous for him with Sonali Raut slapping him for making an inappropriate comment.

bigg boss 8 fight ali sonali puneet sonali raut slapping Ali Quli Mirza

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Controversies in Bigg Boss have not been new for Ali Quli Mirza, the bad boy of Bigg Boss 8. While he keeps on saying that he respects all women and has a girlfriend Gauri, and wouldn’t really need to indulge in cheap tactics, the housemates have been saying that he does exactly the opposite. Sonali had previously alleged that he had touched her inappropriately. Then Pritam said to Upen, in one instance, that Ali has been saying that he (Upen) and Dianda have been having a lot of ‘fun’ in the house. Someone also said that Ali Quli Mirza was supposed to be married to Nigaar Khan, but he had run away seeing her.

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With Ali Quli threatening to walk out of the Bigg Boss House, BB (the voice) said that he can clear his name only by being in the house. He did relent but Bigg Boss ensured that he stay in another part of the house. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss said that Sonali Raut would be nominated out of the house, each week, for her trying to break the cardinal rule by slapping a contestant in the house. While Ali is definitely in the wrong for having a loose tongue, Sonali Raut seemingly got a lighter punishment for getting physical with a house-member, according to views from social media and people in general.

Ali Quli Mirza meets girlfriend Gauri (Pictures)

ali quli mirza girlfriend gauri (1) ali quli mirza girlfriend gauri pictures


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