Alok Nath Jokes and Memes

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Alok Nath jokes has created a splash and has been viral ever since it hit the web. It turns out that comedian Kapil Sharma had made a joke on Alok Nath and somewhere at that same period, there was Hum Saath Saath Hain playing around the same time. This has led to a huge invasion of Alok Nath jokes on Facebook and Twitter. These reflect on the man who has played the quint-essential good guy with lots of righteous belief in him.

Alok Nath Jokes

Alok Nath likes to remove slippers before playing temple run.
It ain’t over till Alok Nath gets a dowry related heart attack.

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Alok Nath ‘s favourite inspirational song: “We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome samdhi…”

When Alok Nath was born, the doctor said, “Badhai Ho, Babuji Hua Hain”

Alok Nath went to Vaishondevi for Bachelor’s Party Before Marriage

Alok Nath has zero friends because he always turns Dosti into Rishterdaari

Alok Nath believes in Aashirwaad at first sight

Alok Nath’s BBM Pin is 7N5kaar.

Alok Nath has never received salary, he always received pension

Anoop jalota is Alok nath`s yo yo honey singh.

According to Hindu Marriage Act, a girl can not marry if Alok Nath disapproves.
The only game Aloknath plays on his phone is Temple Run

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Alok Nath Memes

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How did Alok Nath react to the funny jokes and memes ?

The 57 year old actor turned to be quite sporty and said that he himself loved most of the jokes. He added, “When I got to know that I am trending, I was shocked initially and was wondering why am I trending for no reasons as I am not on Twitter or any other social networking sites. Only when my son told me that nothing serious has happened and jokes based on me are trending, I took a sigh of relief.” He adds that he would be pleased if people continue to make him as memorable as Rajnikanth.  Alok laughs, “I am happy that people are spending time on creating jokes on me. I am taking the entire thing very positively and in fact enjoying the attention. I have suddenly become very very very important person.I will be more than happy if it continuous given it is enjoyed by one and all”


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