Apple Watch – Price, Models, Features

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Apple has moved into the world of wearable technology with the much touted Apple Watch, which comes in two sizes across three variants.  The Apple Watch works in synchronization with not just iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but also previous generation phones like iPhone 5, 5C and 5S.  It is believed that the smartwatch will come in the market by January 2014.

Apple Watch – Price

The initial price of the Apple Watch is $349 for US. For UK, the price is estimated to be  £300. For India, the price of Apple watch can be Rs. 25,000 or more.

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Model – Types

As mentioned, there are three variants to the watch – Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sports and Apple Watch Edition. The third one is a premium one, made of 18 carat gold.  The first one, known to be the standard one, will come in 18 models, with band options in the form of leather, sport, metal etc. The sport version is in the form of 10 models and so is the Edition version.


Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the smartwatch doubles up as a health and fitness device in all means.  It can also be flaunted as a cool, fashion accessory or sports gear.  The watch has a dial known as ‘digital crown’. When you twist this crown, you come to the control center of the phone, where you can scroll through lists and perform zoom-in and zoom-out functions for the maps stored inside.  You have to exit out of the digital crown to close all apps and come to the Home screen of the phone just like it is done for iPhone and iPads.  The customization is done by a feature  known as ‘Force Touch’.

The user interface of the Apple Smartwatch is in the form of beautiful bubbles that can be swiped to come to the touchscreen that is protected by sapphire.  There is another feature known as ‘glances’ that can help the wearer move through notification by swiping.  Just like themes, there are different ‘watch faces’.

On the back of the Apple Watch, there are sensors that help track the health and fitness data.  LEDs on the phone can monitor the heart-rate and can hook up with iPhones to decipher GPS readings.  You can also send messages from your Apple Watch to other Apple Watches, by voice commands. The touchscreen of the watch responds to usual taps as well as hard press like the right click of a mouse, to fire up options.  You can also put up widgets for music, calendar, etc on the phone. Apple Watch can be protected by water damage because the chipset is concealed in a minute, sealed board.

There are no keyboards on Apple Watch but as a user you can communicate with it by means of Siri. There is the Digital Touch app, which is like a communication button, which comes along with a hardware button, below the ‘digital crown’. The charging is wireless inductive through MagSafe, akin to the Motorola Moto 360. You can also use the Apple Watch to control Apple TV, use it as a viewfinder for iphone cameras and also enjoy it as a walkie-talkie.  Apple Pay, the payments platform introduced by Apple along with the release of the watch, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will work with the smartwatch.

Developers are creating apps for Apple Watch with the help of Watchkit, the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the same.  The apps that are already built-in are Facebook, Twitter, BMW, City Mapper, Pinterest, Major League Basketball, Fitness and Workout.

Apple Watch- Pictures

iphone 6

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