Archie Thompson – The Football Player with a difference!

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Born in 1978, Archie Thompson is a an Australian football player who has made a record in the A-League where he holds the second position in the league’s all time score record. He plays for Melbourne Victory and holds the highest record in a single international match score. In 2001, he scored 13 goals against American Samoa where the game ended 31-0.

archie thompson

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Archibald Gerald Thompson started his career when he was a teenager in Bathurst, and in 1995 he broke into the senior squad. By the close of 1996 football season, he had already secured himself a place in the National Soccer League by signing with the Gippsland Falcons through the 1996-97 soccer season. The skill and pace of Archie on football was recognizable and soon he was taken by Carlton and became a key goal scorer in the team.

However, the fall of Carlton saw him return to Sydney and spent the remaining part of 2000-01 season playing for Marconi after which he signed with Lierse SK of Belgium. In his first season with the Belgium team, he scored 9 goals with the Belgian First Division club but an injury forced him to take a break. His fourth season playing for Belgium saw him being recognized as the leading scorer where he had already scored 14 goals in about 29 league appearances.

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In 2005, Archie was lured back to Australia to play for Melbourne Victory where he helped the team score its first ever regular soccer season goal. When the A-League was about to finish in March, and four months remaining for the Australia first World Cup group match in the season, Archie was approached by Dutch team  PSV Eindhoven through a temporary loan and asked to join that team. This was happening late in 2005.

At the start of 2006, PSV Eindhoven managed to get Archie on board. Under the coach of Guus Hiddink who was also the head coach of the Australian national team, Archie was bought by PSV Eindhoven. After making two appearances as substitute in PSV, he was informed that he would not be having more time or signing any new deal and he had to return to Melbourne Victory to start the A-League 2006-07 season.

In his international appearances, Archie played a friendly match against Colombia in February 2001 on the Australian side. Coach Frank Farina included him in the squad of the FIFA 2002 qualification matches that were played in April 2001. On 9th April 2001, Archie came on as a substitute and made a surprise by scoring his first international goal in match where Australia played against Tonga. In this match Australia won 22-0 thus breaking the world record in terms of international match.

In a match against American Samoa a few days later after the amazing win against Tonga, Archie was named as starter and regular attackers were removed from the squad and given a rest. In yet another surprise, the Australian side went to break the record they had set a few days by winning their match against Samoa by 31-0. In this march, Archie scored 13 solid goals, thus breaking the world record of any goals scored in a single international match.

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