Benefits of Ginger Juice

August 25, 2014 | 0

In this era of technological advancement, we often forget the world of options and opportunities available to stay healthy and cure routine disorders cheaply. Ginger, best known as an essential ingredient and tea in particular, is but one of the spices which remain underrated with regards to medicine. Ginger juice taken with sugar can be helpful for people of all ages. Following are the salient benefits:

Relief for hypertension

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Ginger juice mixed with a few drops of honey acts as an excellent remedy in times of high blood pressure. The drink acts as a blood thinner, reducing the capability of blood to exert pressure on the walls of blood vessels, causing relief for the patient along with the added benefits of honey.

Anti-inflammatory agent

It has been noted that ginger juice acts as an inflammatory agent, and it improves circulation by preventing the inflammation of blood vessels. As a result, the drink has been often noted as a potent relief for arthritis, joint inflammation, migraines and toothaches. Given the alarming frequency with which these aches occur in our daily lives nowadays, it would do us well to substitute modern medicines and their various side effects for this easy and quick preparation.

Cancer control

Breast cancer has become one of the biggest medical concerns for the world today. Certain studies have shown that ginger juice can be an effective way to control cancer in its early stages, since consumption of the same helps kill and prevent the spread of cancerous cells. If detected early, the drink could be a viable option to chemotherapy or related medication, which is not always within the reach of every member of the society.

Morning sickness/nausea

Consumption of the juice with honey has often been shown as an effective cure for morning sickness or dizziness. In certain cases, it has also proven to be beneficial in times of nausea induced by chemotherapy.

Hair care

Ginger, being an excellent hair conditioner, can be used for hair care purposes. Regular consumption or application of its juice to the scalp may give the user long and shiny hair, while acting as an effective cure for dandruff and a stimulant for hair growth. Users should keep in mind that the consistency of water must be less when applying the juice to one’s scalp.

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The health benefits of this spice continue to go on. Youngsters would be pleased to know that consuming its juice in regular intervals is an effective remedy for acne, while being equally helpful in preventing the occurrence of the same in future. One use which is certainly sure to dramatically reduce household expenditure on expensive creams in the near future.

Lowers Cholesterol

Your heart can finally devote more time to your matters of the heart with decrease in workload. It has been well noted earlier that the good old adrak is a great aid to good blood circulation. Continuing down the same path, the juice has also been known to lower cholesterol, clearing blockages in the blood vessels to make pumping blood easier. The elderly can well take note of this one.


Apart from being a valuable ingredient to enhance taste, ginger and its juice are also known to be fantastic aids to digestion. The drink speeds up the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine (though that’s no reason to eat more, sadly). It also reduces the likelihood of stomachaches and related health problems. Lastly, it can be great for people troubled by motion sickness, as consumption of the juice clears the digestive tract of its impurities.


Consumption of ginger juice is not recommended for young children. Ginger juice is known to be somewhat spicy therefore people are advised to go slow with its consumption in the early period. Otherwise, likely side effects may range from flatulence to excessive burping, since the preparation causes the digestive tract to release trapped gas in the system, though it doesn’t actually cause any production of gas.

The spice itself is rich in enzymes and various active substances, therefore only a small quantity (1 tablespoon) is required to cure daily disorders. Likewise, people complaining of kidney stones are recommended to keep ginger consumption to a minimum, given that the spice contains a moderate amount of oxalate.

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