Blackheads on Chin

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Skin conditions occur more often in the population with a frequency of approximately 70%. They range from subtle to very severe and life threatening conditions. One of these conditions is blackheads. Blackheads can occur anywhere on your skin but they have a predilection to occur on the skin that is found in more oily areas such as the T site on your forehead. They also tend to follow the pattern of acne, a skin condition too.

Your environment and harmful diet are some of the causes of this condition and other skin diseases. Blackheads, commonly known as acne or pimples, are small bumps that appear mainly on the skin over your chin or nose. They tend to be bigger on the area that covers your chin due to the excess oil content that this area has.  They can be really annoying and ruin the beauty of your skin.

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Such pimples can also lower your self esteem as they also tend to recur. Makeup cannot hide their presence and may even worsen their manifestation. They are as a result of pores on your skin, which has been blocked, as a result of accumulation of substances such as sebum. Sebum is produced from oils in your skin so as to lubricate it and keep it moist. However, sebum may accumulate causing blackheads or pimples. Reduction of fat in your body may therefore be useful in reducing their occurrence or recurrence.

Causes of blackheads on chin

Sebum is an oily secretion that is produced by your skin to protect against drying of the epithelial layer of cells covering your skin. Its accumulation, however, can result in the development of blackheads. Lipid accumulation in the body is mainly due to fatty foods that you take on daily basis.

Reduction in the amount of fat laden foods therefore significantly reduces the development of these spots. You may also reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your body by doing regular physical exercise. High density lipoprotein, which is the good cholesterol is protective against the development of blackheads as opposed to low density lipoproteins.

The good protein is markedly decreased in obese individual who also tend to have more of this condition. Bacterial infection is also implicated in the pathogenesis of this disease, as these organisms tend to irritate your skin.


The commonest manifestation of this disease is an inflammatory condition. Papules, pustules, nodules, and pimples may be observed. Cysts, which are commonly loaded with fluid materials such as pus may be very painful. They may also burst leading to further infection with worsening of the condition.

Blackheads can also manifest as a non-inflammatory lesion called comedones. Comedones can be white or black. When they are black in color, they display closed pore properties. These types can be raised to form bumps that leave an ugly look on your face.

 Blackheads on chin – removal

The treatment method that you may apply largely depends on the cause of this condition. Accumulation of sweat, dust, and fat in your skin is one of the major causes implicated. Therefore you should try to keep your skin clean all the time. It should be well hydrated but clean, and should avoid drying of your skin too much. This is because, apart from the ugly appearance of the skin when it is dry, this kind of skin can favor sweat accumulation and excess sebum secretion.

Use a cleansing product such as cream to clean the dirt on the skin pores. This enhances removal of excess oil from your skin and unblocks any closed pore. Exposing your skin to steam can act as both a preventive or management method. Do this using a steam machine. This practice is encouraged for extended periods of time.

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For better results, add eucalyptus oil to the water in your steam machine. Steam allows opening of your skin pores and takes in the essence of eucalyptus, which is an excellent remedy to treatment of all kinds of skin conditions especially infections.

You can also use pharmacological active agents to either treat the underlying cause or to alleviate the symptoms. For example, antibiotics can be used to get rid of bacteria, which are also common causes of this condition. You may also use painkillers to get rid of pain when they become painful, especially when they are infected.

Prevention of blackheads development

Avoid foods that contain a lot of fat. Fat when in excess in your body gets deposited in peripheral tissues. One of the major tissues in which fat is deposited is the skin. This leads to the production of a lot of sebum and other fat associated products. These substances accumulate in your skin causing skin pore blockage and blackheads.

Physical activity tends to reduce the amount of bad lipid in your body. Bad lipid is also called low density lipoproteins and other associated lipoproteins. These lipids are causative agents of many heart conditions apart from the development of blackheads and other skin conditions.

Four to five workouts in one week are essential for significant lipid reduction in your body.

You should also avoid squeezing blackheads before they fully form. This is because squeezed pimples tend to recur in multiple numbers. Recurrent blackheads are more prominent and painful. They also tend to leave ugly scars on your chin.

Blackheads on chin – pictures

blackheads on chin pictures blackheads on chin blackheads on chin removal

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