Bollywood Celebrities who have done Plastic Surgery, Botox and Nose Jobs

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More than 80 percent of Bollywood celebrities go for plastic surgery or Botox to improve their look, stay youthful, remove fine-lines, wrinkles and even accentuate certain physical features. This is a claim attested by a Mumbai based plastic surgeon. The most popular choice of many is  Botox® which is injected below the skin to remove the wrinkles on the face and ease the fine lines.  The result is smooth and even appearance.

While plastic surgery is invasive, Botox is not, which is why some Bollywood actresses are right technically when they say they didn’t go for plastic surgery.  The flip side of Botox is that it lasts for just a few months, after which you have to for another Botox shot. While injectables like Botox is used on the forehead to remove the lines, and remove crow’s feet, and the fine lines around the nose and lips,  fillers are used on areas like the cheeks and lips, to accentuate these features.

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Bollywood celebrities with plastic surgery (before and after pictures)

priyanka chopra plastic surgery nose job

Priyanka Chopra – Though she has denied plastic surgery or any cosmetic changes, Priyanka Chopra’s  nose job and lip job is quite evident in these pictures.

katrina kaif plastic surgery pictures before after

Katrina Kaif – There is a whale of difference in terms of Katrina Kaif’s bee-stung lips now and the ones, a few years ago.

aishwarya rai plastic surgery

Aishwarya Rai –  The cheek bones of Aishwarya Rai seem shrunk and her nose is well-defined now.

Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery

Kangana Ranaut –  Though she denied any kind of plastic surgery, her lip-job, jawline and bust-line speak a different story.

kapil sharma hair transplantation

Kapil Sharma – The guy who has caught the humor of the nation, has had a hair transplant done, as you can see.

kareena kapoor plastic surgery

Kareena Kapoor – The vivacious Kareena Kapoor’s appearance has changed over the years. While a disciplined lifestyle comprising Yoga and a good diet is the key, the cosmetic changes are evident.

Madhuri Dixit plastic surgery pictures

Madhuri Dixit – You can see the dramatic changes in her face in the recent few years. She herself said that she is not against plastic surgery.

preity zinta plastic surgery pictures 2

Preity Zinta – The bubbly lass still looks vivacious but the lip job is evident.


Ranbir Kapoor – He looks like he has a hair weave done, just in time.

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rekha plastic surgery before after

Rekha  – She changed from a gawky, overweight young girl to a timeless glamorous lady, the changes are quite apparent.

saif ali khan plastic surgery pictures 2

Saif Ali Khan – The fines lines disappeared, the forehead wrinkles are gone.

Shah Rukh Khan hair weaving

Shah Rukh Khan – The hair-weaving tape is visible. Tch tch!

shilpa shetty plastic surgery pictures

Shilpa Shetty- The curvaceous Shilpa Shetty was once a gawky teenage with a not-so flattering nose, which changed with some great cosmetic work

sofia hayat plastic surgery pictures

Sofia Hayat – The once beautiful Sofia Hayat went though a plastic surgery procedure which did not appear as flattering, as it should ahve.

sridevi plastic surgery

Sridevi – The gorgeous Sridevi is a proof of numerous plastic surgery procedures done, most of them on the nose and her lips.

Shruti Hassan plastic surgery pictures

Shruti Hassan – Her nose has become more well-defined, the girl looks gorgeous than ever before

shahid kapoor plastic surgery rhinoplasty

Shahid Kapoor – Looks like some smart work at rhinoplasty, no problems here for Shahid Kapoor.

aamir khan plastic surgery before after

Aamir Khan  – In 2006, Aamir Khan looked older than his age in Fanaa but 3 years later, he gave guys 20 years juniors, a run for money with 3 Idiots. Aamir Khan’s youthful appearance with some really good Botox job, helped the cause.

Anushka Sharma plastic surgery lip job before and after

Anushka Sharma – There is a ‘see’ change in Anushka Sharma’s face following a suspected lip job, which was quite evident in Koffee with Karan. The actress however tweeted that it was the result of temporary lip-enhancing tool to suit her character in a new film.

Here are the cases of plastic surgery gone wrong in Bollywood.

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