Brad Pitt and His Homes Across the US and Europe!

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Brad Pitt is an iconic name in the Hollywood. The heart-throbbing superstar attained fame after appearing in the 90s film Thelma and Louise. Having one of the hottest faces within Hollywood, Pitt began to attract attention and soon married actress Jennifer Aniston. His relationship with Angelina Jolie started in 2005 while filming the movie Mr and Mrs Smith. The two, Brad and Angelina are now engaged and they have six children.

Pitt has received various awards nominations particularly for the role in Babel. Besides, Brad is known for his charitable organization Jolie-Pitt Foundation that he set up with Jolie, and which helps in improving communities. His first inopportune entrance in Hollywood came as a result of his acting part the Cutting Class, a teenage horror movie.Pitt now lives with Angelina Jolie and he has several homes, spread across the US and Europe.

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One of his houses is in the California’s Hollywood Hills, another is in the New Orleans, while there is another one in Texas. He also has homes in France and Italy.  The sprawling Los Angeles Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie property is perhaps one of their stunning properties. The Los Feliz mansion is located in the cool Los Angeles neighborhood.

The 5,338-square-foot residence was reportedly bought by Pitt back in 1994 at $1.7 million. It has one main house with five bedrooms and other small houses that have been added to the compound. There are pools, secluded spots for soaking in sunshine, and decks. Brad and Angie also live at their other property in France at their Miraval estate.

The couple is engaged for marriage after spending over seven years together, and they have three adopted children and their three biological children totaling to six children. Pitt and Jolie are expanding their Hollywood compound with more buildings. The addition of the compound could be giving a clue where their nuptials might take.

Brad Pitt, the Moneyball star recently put out his Malibu home for sale for a market price of $13.75million. The mid century modern mansion was purchased by Pitt in 2005 for $8.41 million after his highly publicized divorce with Jennifer Aniston, the Friends actress. The home eventually sold at $12 million and was picked by Ellen DeGeneres, the comedienne and talk show host.

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 Brad Pitt House  – Pictures

Brad Pitt Malibu house brad pitt malibu house pictures

brad pitt house malibu

The above two pictures are of the Malibu mansion which  Brad Pitt sold to Ellen DeGeneres

Brad Pitt house Italy

 This is the 18,000 square foot villa which the power-couple bought four years ago. The  home  includes 15 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, an entertainment zone, and two swimming pools,  a gym, several Jacuzzis, stables and a vineyard. The house is located at Villa Costanza in Valpolicella, Italy and was bought for $40 million

Brad Pitt house Loz Feliz California brad pitt angelina jolie house

The above are two aerial views of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt property.  in Los Feliz, a sprawling 5,338 square feet property which Brad got for $1.7 million in 1994. This has five bedrooms and smaller homes with swimming pools.  The couple recently added more buildings to their property.
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