Cameron Macaulay – The Boy Who Lived Before!

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Cameron Macaulay is a young boy who is not much different from others of his age but what differentiates him from other boys is that he talks about his old mom, former family, and a white house on a bay. None of his tales relate to his current life as the place he talks about is on the Isle of Barra, about 160 miles from where he lives now. Cameron talks about memories of his previous life, which makes his mother Norma, to feel worried.

Cameron spoke about the former parents, and how his dad died as well as how he lived with his brothers and sisters in the previous life. Ever since Cameron Macauley was two years, he had told his life on island of Barra, where he lived his previous life. Although Cameron now lives with his single mom in Norma, Glasgow, the tales of a white house that overlooks the sea and beach, where he lived previously continues to worry the family.

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He tells stories about airplanes which used to land on the beach. He also talks about a black and white dog. Barra, the place which Cameron talks about can only be reached by sea or by flight. He explains that his dad was called Shane Robertson, and died when he did not look both ways, which probably means that the father he refers to was hit by a car.

Although Norma, Cameron’s mother said that they had never been to Isle of Barra, her son’s tales and memories continued making him feel sad because he believes he left his previous life. One day, Norma was told by Cameron’s nursery teacher that there was a film company that was looking for people who talked of having lived a previous life than their current life.

barra island

The island of Barra

When the teacher suggested to Norma of seeing the film company, she become frightened because many people do not believe in reincarnation. After Cameron kept on begging her mom to take him to Isle of Barra, she eventually decided to contact the film company and joined Cameron’s trip to the area. Besides, a Psychologist from Virginia University in the US, Dr. Jim Tucker, joined them in the trip.

Tucker specializes in reincarnation dealing with children cases. In February 2005, they went to Barra. In Barra, the family and the other people accompanying them lived in a hotel and began to search for any clues that could unearth this misery. At first, they contacted Heritage Centre to inquire if they knew of Robertson family that lived in a white house at the bay.

Heritage Centre did not respond positively after saying that they did not know of such a family. Later on, they received information from the hotel confirming that there was Robertson family which lived in the white house on the bay. After receiving that information, they never told Cameron and drove to the direction they were told.

Surprisingly, when they got there, Cameron recognized it and he was suddenly happy. Cameron looked familiar with the house and he seemed to know every bit of the house. He has mentioned there were three bathroom and one could see the sea from the bedroom windows. In the garden, Cameron took the team to the secret entrance which he had been talking about for many years.

Although they tracked down one of the Robertson family in Stirling, they did not find anything about Shane Robertson. However, they found old photos which had a black car and a black and white dog, which Cameron also talked about.

Now Cameron is in a happier space, he no longer talks about Barra with much interest as he did before. But he said that he was known as ‘Cameron’ even in his past life.

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cameron macaulay the boy who lived before

Cameron Macaulay  reincarnation Cameron Macaulay mother

Cameron Macaulay reincarnated boy Cameron Macaulay pictures Cameron Macaulay

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