Cameron Mott – Girl with Half a Brain

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At the age of three years, Cameron was diagnosed with a condition known as cortical dysplasia. This is an abnormality that affects the development of the cerebral cortex part of the brain. Later on, at five years, Cameron was diagnosed with the condition Rasmussen’s syndrome. The condition triggered seizures and epileptic fits and doctors later said that the only way these symptoms could be prevented was by removing half of Cameron’s brain.

According to Cameron’s mother Shelly Mott, it was very scary to hear about the doctor’s recommendation to have part of the brain removed. The mother said that it couldn’t be imaginable how your child could be after having such a brain surgery.

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Sherry said that it was absolutely a considerable choice, and for the family, they knew that having seen and experienced the kind of problem and difficulties their daughter was going through, they knew that such an option was the only way to help her.They were willing to accept the risk in a bid to help improve the quality of life of their daughter that was becoming so poor. She would have about six to 10 different episodes of seizures a day, as her dad, Casey explained. Such seizures robbed the family of their loved little girl. She would wake up every morning clean and bright only to experience her first seizure and then others followed.

Cameron could even lose consciousness and go down to the floor. It was a terrible experience that their daughter was going through. It would look as though the girl was being sucked to the ground by something like a magnet, as Shelly explained. Cameron could hit the ground so hard and yet so fast.

In order to control the seizures, the family would use sedatives. And, although it was a huge amount administered, but Cameron became so adjusted to such a drug that rather than being knocked out, she would remain in a fog for a couple of hours or days. Such a drug could be able to knock out a grown man but here was Cameron only weighing 35 pounds able to persevere and contain the powerful drug.

However, despite the seizures she was having, she continued to function typically, and around the age of five, she declined to a state of what could be considered a developmental stage of a child of about two or three year. The seizures could not stop and they continued. It was shortly after that, when she was diagnosed with Rasmussen’s syndrome, which is an autoimmune disorder which causes what is known as progressive neurologic deterioration.

With this condition, the body produces antibodies which attack its own brain cells. Doctors thought that taking out the right side of the brain would cause the girl’s body to paralyze when she woke up from surgery. The surgery was done and left Cameron with partial paralysis or hemiplegia on her left side.

She spend nearly a month at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, a pediatric neurorehabilitation center and over the course of about two weeks, she began to show some progress. The brain was responding and learning new walking patterns. Cameron has since recovered and has gone to school.

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