Cathy Schmitz Luger speaks about her marriage with 82 year old billiionaire Husband

September 16, 2014 | 0

Every girl aspires for a fairy-tale wedding; German model Cathy Schmitz lived her dream when she got married to Austrian Billionaire, Richard Lugner.  Never mind, the 58 year old age difference, the 24 year old woman who is a presenter of Playboy TV in Germany said that love happened naturally.  She said, “We did not intend to fall in love. It just happened. Love knows no age. “

Cathy Schmitz hot photo Cathy Schmitz hot picture

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In 2013, Cathy Shmitz apart from gracing the cover of the famous magazine also presented a few TV programs on the mainstream German TV station – RTL.  She is also a nurse with expertise in neurology and intensive-care treatment.  Post marriage, Cathy changed her name to Cathy Lugner.  She expressed her gratitude and thanks to her near and dear ones who wished her well for married life. She says, “In this way, also a heartfelt thanks to: my daughter Léonie, my parents, my brothers and sisters, Richard’s sons Alexander & Andreas, the family Grafestätter, all our dear friends & all people love, on this day with us with gefiebert and best wishes have come to us! I thank you trouble you all for your heart, your being and your blessing! It means really A lot to us!”

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Richard Luger and Cathy Schmitz – Marriage Pictures

Cathy Schmitz Richard Luger kissing Cathy Schmitz Richard Luger marriage celebration Cathy Schmitz Richard Luger marriage pictures Cathy Schmitz Richard Luger wedding (2) Cathy Schmitz Richard Luger wedding Cathy Schmitz Richard Luger marriage photo

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