Celebrities with Big Noses

February 17, 2014 | 0

Here are some of the famous celebrities known for their big noses, apart from their other achievements –

Barbra Streisand nose

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Barbra Streisand is known for her big nose, she is in fact, one of the most famous celebrities that has instant recall whenever you think of a large nose.

Anne Hathaway nose

Anne Hathaway has rumor-bills buzzing about her nose job, but one cannot deny that this beautiful lady has many attractive facets to her personality, one of them being her prominent nose.

Adrian Brody nose

TheĀ  talented actor Adrian Body, who is known for his performance in The Pianist, is known for his nose that enters the room a second, before he does.

shah rukh khan nose tumblr

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One of India’s biggest movie stars, the charismatic Shah Rukh Khan, has a big nose, which doesn’t stop him from being a darling of millions.Julia Roberts nose

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts is naturally beautiful, aging gracefully; and her perky nose works like cherry on a cake. Find out if Julia Roberts had plastic surgery.

Sarah Jessica Parker nose

Sarah Jessica Parker ‘s large nose contributes to her radiant personality.

steffi graf nose

The German tennis star Steffi Graf conquered hearts in the 90s, her big nose would be funny as well as attractive to people in different measure, depending on whatever would float your boat.

Penelope Cruz nose

The stunning Penelope Cruz has a big nose, which contributes to her attractive quotient.

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