Diandra Soares – The Bald and Beautiful Bigg Boss 8 Contestant

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Diandra Soares,  the popular Indian model is a Bigg Boss 8 contestant. She is known for her ‘bald’ look that distinguishes her from other models.   She was born on August 13, 1979. 31 year old Diandra wanted to be a model since her adolescent years. She did her first modeling assignment when she was just 16, for Tips and Toes.

Diandra won the title of Miss Bombay in 1995. She has walked the ramp for top of the line national and international brands.

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Diandra’s first Bollywood movie was the Hinglish ‘Everyone Says I’m Fine’ by Rahul Bose in 2001. She was also roped in to play the character of Boom, which she rejected. The role went to Katrina Kaif, who is still known for her provocative act in the film. Diandra was later seen doing a cameo in the Madhur Bhandkarkar’s hit ‘Fashion’, in 2008.

Diandra has worked for TV as well, as a host for ‘Get Gorgeous’ on Channel V.  She also took part in the fourth season of Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Diandra Soares goes bald and beautiful

The 5 feet 10 inches tall actress has always adopted  a revolutionary mindset. She went bald for the first time  when she was just 20, in the year 1999. The modeling industry did not take too kindly to her bold ‘bald’ step.  When she was 30, Diandra went bald again, and this time, the modeling industry seemed to welcome her move, as it was seen as ‘trendy’. Her bald pate was  highlight in the Lakme Fashion Week. In 2013, Diandr shaved her head again and said that this time her reason for doing so, was for spiritual empowerment. She has rubbished allegations by a section of media and modeling industry saying that she does all this for publicity. Diandra has said that being bald is about exposing your true self, your inner beauty, which has  the innocence of a child.

The hair is considered one of the most important attributes in the glamor industry. Diandra Soares went bald in the peak of her career, creating a stir and revolution in the modeling industry. She shaved her head for the first time in 1999, when she was just 20. But the bald look was not commercially viable for the modeling industry and she had to return to her crop of hair.

Diandra Soares is also known for her interest in tattoos that she wears precariously on her lower neckline.

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