Different types of Dolphins

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Dolphins mainly live in the saltwater like the Oceans but some species also live in fresh water bodies and survive pretty well. They are also found in the shallow waters by the coast and in warmer locations. In some places the young Dolphins are also called as Calves whereas the female adult dolphins are called Cows and the male adults as bulls. A group of these is known as a Pod. Due to considerable differences among them they are broken into different species. The species depend mostly on the environmental conditions, food and temperature as well as migration factors. The most popular of all is the Bottlenose Dolphin often seen in the illustrations, paintings, books, movies, and while visiting an aquarium. Dolphins are very intelligent and are relatively easier to train.


bottle nose dolpin

  • Ø Bottlenose Dolphin: this is the most popular and loved species of all. The curved element on their face makes them look as if they are always smiling like humans. It’s a large Dolphin ranging from 10 to 14 feet in length and weighs up to 1,100 pounds. They are found in the colder water bodies and their skin is extremely smooth feeling like a rubber. These do not have any hair on the body. It feeds on whatever it could catch in its natural habitat. However, fish is their most common food but its species can differ depending upon the location. Another commonly consumed food for them is the Squid.

spinner dolphin

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  • Ø Spinner Dolphin: interestingly, it is a very social species and is known for its amazing spins, flips and jumps. They are 6 to 7 feet in length and can weigh up to 170 pounds. They are mostly found in the open areas of the tropical sea and far from the land where other Dolphins are found together. Various oceans such as Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian are home to these Dolphins. Like other species they also rely on squid as a main source of their diet. They can easily hunt for their food in deeper and darker waters but are usually seen feeding during the day. These Dolphins also consume considerable amount of fish and shrimp.

striped dolphin

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  • Ø Striped Dolphin: As the name denotes, these have a stripe patterned body that separates them from other species and makes their identification easier. They have a longer beak and a taller fin with dark stripes (usually black) on their long flippers. Their length could be up to 9 feet and they can weigh at least 350 pounds. However, the females here are smaller, shorter in length and lighter in weight. The striped Dolphins can be found in the warm waters such as the oceans and tropical seas. They are also found around the Guldf of Mexico. They consume huge amount of bony fish, cephalopods and crustaceans.

fraser's dolphin

  • Ø Fraser’s Dolphin: The Fraser’s dolphin is also called in some areas by the name of Sarawak dolphin. These are large in size and can weigh up to 300 pounds with a length of 8 ½ feet at full maturation. They are huge but flexible and agile to move through the waters. They can be blue, dark blue, or dark gray in color and are one of the most beautiful creatures. They are mainly found in the oceans such as in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean. One can also spot them in the Gulf of Mexico. Apart from a variety of common fishes they feed on squids and shrimps like other Dolphins.

river dolphin

  • Ø River Dolphins: Out of the few species that can thrive in the fresh waters this is the one, also found in the Amazonian river. A lot of people don’t know that they can be found in colors such as gray, black, brown, pink, yellow, and white due to which they are also misidentified and thought of as other species. The River Dolphin, like the name denotes, resides in Rivers, meaning that they can survive easily in freshwater sticking to the coastal regions such as in the Amazon, Ganges and Indus Rivers that can also be very dense in location with a lot of forests and wildlife around. They feed on the fishes and adopt a variety of techniques to hunt for them.

Clymene Dolphin

  • Ø Clymene Dolphin: this species can be about 6’ 6” in length and weigh about 200 pounds. Their slenderness helps their extremely easy and active moves through the water. They have three different layers of coloring and are also mistaken for spinners most of the time. They can be found in the tropical and subtropical areas of the Atlantic Ocean. They mainly feed on the Lantern fish and Squids. They usually feed in groups and hunt in groups as well mostly during the darker hours.
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