Different Types of German Shepherds

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The German shepherds are incredibly versatile animals. The breeds of German shepherd dogs are of several types with different ancestries, histories, and indistinguishable traits. Although all of them are still German shepherd dogs, these different breeds, can be better suited for different purposes and roles. Each is respected and valued for what it brings to the breed of German shepherds. Some of the types are DDR or East German show lines, West German show lines, West German working lines, American show lines, Czech show lines, Canadian show lines and many other mixes.

german shepherds dogs types

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German lines

The German lines have a larger head, tend to be muscular, maybe heavier than the rest and are bred more for work than are the rest. There are two distinguished categories for the German bred dog: The German Working Line and the German Show Line.

German working line: DDR (East German)

Their appearances may vary since the German working lines are bred for attributes involving their abilities as working dogs rather than their physical appearance. Hounds from working lines have a very high metabolic level, and have been bred to have a natural instinct for obedience, protection, and tracking down. They also have a consistent temperament, working drive, and fairly intelligent. They are wonderful family companions, but due to their hyperactivity, are best suited for a very active family or a family who enjoys working their dogs.

Lots of daily exercise and training to make them active is recommended to avoid destructive or behavioral problems. They excel as military and police dogs, and some are trained as assistance dogs and service dogs. The most common colors for these types are brown, but they may also come in black and red, black and tan.

West German show line

This is the most popular breed type in Germany, bred for competition in the show ring, but some may also possess working titles. They tend to be more angulated, and are not as hyperactive as their counterpart, the working line German shepherd dog.

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Just as the German working lines, they are a wonderful family companion; hence also need lots of daily activities and training for some sort of job to avoid destructive tendencies. Their niches are as herders, service dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, and therapy dogs. The most common colors are black and red, but they also come in bi-colors.

American show line

These types are bred for the AKC, American Kennel Club, and show ring. They have a much sharper angulation in the hindquarters, and are longer and a bit slimmer than their German compatriots. The American show lines are less active, and are softer in their temperament. Just as the German lines, they are wonderful family companion, especially for a first time owner, and also make good service dogs, as well as therapy dog. The most common colors are black and tan, black and red, and sometimes sables.

English line German shepherd

These types have descended from old lines imported into the British Isles. They are borne heavier, longer bodies, have beautiful shoulders, calm in temperament, and vary in drive. The English line German shepherd dogs are also wonderful family companions, especially for a first time owner, and perform well as therapy dogs, guide dogs, and service dogs. The most common colors are similar to those of English lines, black and tan and black and red.

White German shepherd

Just as the name suggests, these types are white dogs. They are less angular, have a more level top line, are heavier in body, calm in their temperament, and vary in prey drive. The White shepherds are also wonderful family companions, and perform well as guide, service, and therapy dogs. They have a white gene that is not associated with any health problems, and is not albinism. They normally have dark skin and eyes, black nose, nails and pads.

Czech working lines

These originate from the communist Czechoslovakia and are bred for the sole purpose of working primarily as border patrol work. The Czech bloodlines are dominated by dogs, which are popular border patrol dogs and Czech military dogs. Unique to this type, the original breeding of Czech dogs revolved around the Czechoslovakian Army’s Pohranicni Straze kennel.

Whether looking for an American line, German line, or White shepherd, regardless of their type, a healthy, mentally sound dog can be found in any line. The most important thing is to find a good breeder who you trust and whose breeding stock best fits your lifestyle and purpose for having that particular type.

A well bred German shepherd will always have certain characteristics. These include loyalty to the families, which they belong, high intelligence and ability to be trained with ease. You may have difficulties bonding and having an emotional attachment with other breeds. However, with the German breeds, due to their high sense of loyalty and intelligence, it is easy to form an emotional bond and be attached to them.

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