Different Types of Noses

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There are 14 types of noses, according to a research by a certain professor called Abraham Tamir, who toured across Europe and took pictures of people in shopping malls across Europe and Israel. He collected as many as 1300 pictures before coming up with his findings.  The professor is attached with Ben-Gurion University in Israel and submitted his findings in The Journal of Cranofacial Surgery.

The snub nose is supposed to be the most attractive of all types of noses.  At the same, time, this compliment comes across as a double-edged sword.  Having a snub nose also means the person is not really an intellectual, according to the researcher.

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The nose with the straight-edged shape is  preferred among artists.

The most common nose type among men is the fleshy one. This was seen among 25 percent of all the faces analyzed. A person with this kind of nose type is found to be generous, sensitive and emotional.

The hawk-type nose as seen on Barbara Streisand is found to be unattractive  while the ‘mirren’ nose found on actress Helen Mirren is long and pointed,  which indicates a self-assured nature.  The Greek nose is found on model and is a symbol of beauty.

The aquiline nose, for instance, the one found on Daniel Radcliffe is an indication of a smooth operator.

The nose with a sloping tip, also known as ‘Roman nose’ as seen on Tom Cruise, shows ambition and clarity in thinking.

The rumpole nose, that one that looks large  with  a jutting but fleshy end is known to indicate materialistic pursuits and an energetic disposition.

The celestial nose with an upturned tip adds to the attractive quotient of the face and looks especially pretty on women.

The broad ‘Lenin’ nose with big nostrils, found in actors like Samuel Jackson, is found 1 in 25 people.

The Nixon nose is a rare one, and found 1 in just 100 people.  The bridge runs on a straight line and curves at the edge,  and has wide nostrils.

The Redknapp is big,  fairly attractive and adds compliments a face  with striking features.

The tara-nose is quite rare, found in  1 among 1300 people, it  is uneven and is bumpy to look at, but still the contour looks interesting.

The Duchess nose  that is found on Kate Middleton is a straight-edge nose that looks good on both sexes.  Men love such noses in women

Women love a delicate looking nose with some flesh, though not necessarily bulky.

 Overall, this is the behavior trait analysis of various nose types

Small – timid and reclusive

Large – materialistic and active

Slight upturned- socially active, loves people around her

Straight – Organized and wise.

Wide – Independent thinking and impressive

Nose with bump – Expressive

Hooked nose – Powerful and courageous
Long- Demands respect

Pointed – Self assured and curious

Snubbed – Childish but friendly

Thin- finicky and cannot be controlled.

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Types of nose in pictures

Barbara Streisland nose beautiful nose girl big nose woman nose picture type nose type woman nose types Tom Cruise nose Daniel Radcliffe Nose

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