Different Types of Steak

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When talking about steak, one generally refers to beef steak. It is a portion of beef that is cut vertical to the muscle fibers and in the case of a fish; the cut is towards the spine. Steak can be grilled, pan-fried, broiled or baked. Minced meat can also be given the shape of a steak and cooked in sauce, such as Salisbury steak and hamburger steak.

The various types of steak change as one moves from one country to another. However the most popular ones found almost in every steak loving country can be described as below:

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Tenderloin beef roast tenderloin

This is the tenderest and the most expensive kind. It can be made from the cow or even the pig’s meat, found in the centre of the back area that falls between the sirloin and the rib. Its tenderness is due to the muscles that are rarely used. The muscle is also sold as a tenderloin roast. It is extremely versatile as it becomes filet mignon steaks when cut into pieces. The tender the meat, the sooner it cooks. However it depends on the cuts as well. Cuts that are not soft have to be cooked with moist heat. It can be cooked to different levels such as rare, medium, well done, medium well done. Unlike other meats beef cooks faster and are usually not a source of food-borne diseases.

rib eye


The rib eye, also known as Scotch Fillet is a beef steak from the rib portion of the beef. It is also one of the most popular and expensive steaks in the market. This kind of meat is relatively juicier, tender and fattier. The extra fat makes it softer and flavorful. In United States, generally this steak is served with the bone removed. One of the main characteristics that are responsible for its tenderness is the Marbling. It is the amount of muscle fat dispersed into the steak that contributes to the flavor and juiciness.

Filet Mignon pictures

Filet Mignon

Filet mignon is also known as beef fillet is often confused with all types of tenderloins. The tenderloin when shortly sliced with roughly round cuts and tube cuts are considered to be fillet mignon. The portion that is cut from the centre is known as tournedos. A lot of butchers sell tenderloin steaks as fillet mignon. This ambiguity makes it easier for a lot of restaurants to sell it as filet mignon as it gets cheaper and presentable as compared to the real and authentic filet mignon. This steak however is not as flavorful as the other cuts of beef and is also wrapped in bacon and served with sauce to increase its flavor. In France, filet mignon generally refers to pork rather than beef.

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Filet Mignon pictures

 Sirloin steak

This kind of steak is cut from the back of the cow. In U.S it is cut from the rear back portion. In Britain and Australia it refers to cuts from the upper middle portion. The nearer the cut to the back/rear, the more tender and expensive it is. Therefore, the sirloin portion from the top is the most expensive and is exclusive in meat selling specifically under its name. The bottom sirloin is comparatively less tender and larger in size and is sold simply as “sirloin steak”. At popular steakhouses such steaks are usually served with French fries and vegetables like carrot, peas or broccoli cooked by grilling or frying. However, sirloins are desirable and the best option when it comes to quick cooking techniques such as grilling.

Flank London broil


Flank steak or London broil is a beef steak taken from the belly muscles of the cow. It is long and flat and is much relatively less tender than the loin and rib steaks. However it is originally not a steak but has become so popular that it is now eaten as a form of steak. Flank steaks are often cooked after marinating and braising. The best flanks are bright and red in color. It can also be softened using acid based products for marinating, for instance vinegar, ginger, wine, lemon juice or tomato purees. Flanks have lesser fat and are not that flavorful and therefore have to be marinated.

fish steak

Fish Steak

In a fish steak the cut will be vertical to the spine and will have bones as well. The most popular fish steaks are cooked from Tuna, Halibut and Swordfish. Fishes like salmon are also very popular when it comes to steaks but unlike other steaks they are often baked and nor grilled or fried.  A lot of restaurants also use different types of sauces to enhance its flavor. Fish steaks cook faster and are lowest in fats with a fairly decent amount of protein.

pork steak

Pork steak

For a pork steak, the meat is taken from the shoulder or leg of the pig. Shoulder meat is also used for making pulled pork and takes a long time to cook due to the high amount of collagen. Therefore Pork steaks are simmered in a sauce while cooking to make it more tender and fasten the cooking process.

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