Does Lady Gaga have lupus?

August 24, 2014 | 0

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that makes the human immune system hyperactive and affects the normal and healthy tissues as well as different body systems. Joints, lungs, kidneys, skin and blood cells are the most vulnerable.

In 2010, Lady Gaga was tested positive for this disease, however she considers it as ‘borderline’ and not at the autoimmune stage. She also cancelled her global stadium tour because of her health conditions. Even though she confirmed that she does not completely suffer from Lupus she has ‘somewhat’ similar symptoms. She also confirmed in an interview to Larry King that it could be genetic. She also told King that she has trouble dancing and walking because her joints are relatively weak.

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According to orthopedic specialists Lupus could be common among performers like Lady Gaga who use a lot of energy for their shows. Pop stars sometimes could be no lesser than athletes, jumping, dancing and swinging around (apart from singing) where their joints can go through a shock. Interestingly, her condition is being referred to as ‘synovitis’ whereas the medical experts claim that it could be termed simply as arthritis. However, owing to her image and superstardom there is a huge ambiguity in confirming what exactly is she suffering from. Media sources speculate that her PR staff would probably be sticking to ‘synovitis’ for not risking her image.

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Needless to say, apart from Lady Gaga’s image issues, the mystery of this disease itself is another reason for its confirmation in her case. Autoimmune diseases by nature are mystifying and hard to diagnose because of the vagueness and varying symptoms. According to medical experts, in Lupus no two cases are the same. Such diseases could go unexplained from consequences such as mild discomfort to sudden or gradual death.

Although Lady Gaga reported that the disease is genetic and runs in her family, but medical experts say that it’s an old way of seeing it. Genes vary according to the lifestyles or if the person has the similar lifestyle like that of their parents. However changes in how one eats, exercises and manages stress contributes to the treatment and the change that comes in the process of responding to it. The same has been adopted by this pop star. Though she has been frequently taking drugs it was after she started showing symptoms of Lupus that she does not indulge in them anymore. Also quitting smoking for health reasons and maintaining a better lifestyle.

Lady Gaga also supported singer Toni Braxton who has disclosed being diagnosed with the same disease. It is medically established that Lupus is common among women and varies according to color, and is most common among Caucasians and black women. Often treated with drugs it can complicate the immune system further and it is therefore essential to determine the external factors as well. The mysteriousness of this disease demands expertise and individual assessment.

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