Does Morgan Freeman have Dermatosis papulosa nigra?

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Dermatosis papulosa nigra also known as (DPN) is a skin condition generally prominent among the dark skinned people such as African Americans, and ethinics. It is extremely common among the black Americans in America affecting 30% of them. Although the condition is not harmful but might be cosmetically unfit for a lot of people. DPN is often confused with a tumor condition called Leser-Trélat where there is an abrupt outburst of lesions because of the growing tumor. In Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra lesions appear more often on the face, neck, back and chest in the form of dark, little bumps and that sharply reproduces seborrheic keratoses. Dermatosis papulosa nigra starts affecting in adolescence and it is often seen that it increases with age. There are rarely any signs of scaling or ulceration. Mostly they are symptomless and are best left untreated. There can however be an increase in pigmentation and keloid formation.

The frequency of Dermatosis papulosa nigra is lower among African Americans with a fairer complexion. Not only does it affect dark skinned African Americans but also Dark skinned Polynasians, and Asians but the appropriate frequency isn’t evident. Also females are more vulnerable of being affected than men.

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Dermatosis papulosa nigra morgan freeman photo Morgan Freeman Dermatosis papulosa nigra

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Morgan Freeman is one of the most famous celebrities with this pathological skin condition. in one of his interviews he said “I have Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, a lot of people with my skin color might have it too”. However apart from affirming this he has not been much in the news like other celebrities, and neither has he gone publically vocal about it. However the Medical fraternity and media have always been more curious in talking about his DPN. According to the medical experts, the cause of DPN is not certain and might be generic. This dark skin disorder has concrete genetic claims as the lesions can often be seen in various members in the same family. However they are merely a form of keratosis when seen under a microscope and are harmless as opposed to what it’s assumed as. It does not convert into a skin cancer. However with age the lesions grow as can be seen in the case of Freeman.

morgan freeman Dermatosis papulosa nigra pictures Dermatosis papulosa nigra Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has hardly made any attempt to get rid of his DPN as it is only a matter of cosmetic concern only bothering the way one looks. The conventional actor does not seem to get much affected with this skin condition. The medical faculty has often suggested him laser and electrocautery treatment or a minor surgery but the academy award winner has never made clear the condition of his DPN unlike others with a similar condition who might resort to a small surgery in case the lesions become painful and itchy or sometimes get inflamed. They have also proposed and promoted the use of Curettage and cryotherapy as well as electrodessication.

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