Does the scar reason on Seal’s face indicate Lupus Rash?

December 23, 2014 | 0

The scars on singer Seal’s face are because of discoid lupus that only affects the skin. It also causes sores as can be seen on Seal’s face. Seal has been suffering from lupus since his childhood. The particular scars on his face that look like blisters indicate the severity of this condition. The scarring could also be a result of rupture. Sean has mostly been actively involved in being answerable to the curious media and his fans about this skin condition. However mystical and spiritual causes are also associated with Sean’s scarred face. Sean is also an active member of St. Thomas Lupus trust, an England based charitable organization that supports research and awareness of research for Lupus.

The scars on Seal’s face are a result of extreme inflammation. In one of his interviews he said that he was diagnosed with lupus in his teenage. The disease has also had effects on his scalp and resulted in hair loss.

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singer seal lupus scar rash singer seal scar cheeks

In the UK Lupus has affected almost 50,000 people. One in 500 adult women suffer from Lupus where the tissues and organs get affected by attack on the healthy cells by the immune system. Though Lupus is one of the most popular skin disorders, a lot of people affected from it remain undiagnosed and unaware because of the lack of symptoms. It has not gained much recognition from the general and public medical experts even after having popular celebrity sufferers such as Seal and Lady Gaga trying who have been actively involved in creating its awareness. According to a survey by Lupus UK, accurate diagnosis of Lupus can take somewhere around seven to eight years.

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singer lupus scar rash lupus seal scar lupus

Seal’s scars have been speculated frequently with great interest in the media and among his fans, owing to his mystical persona. Certain theories have also been built up including knife crime, tribal rituals. A lot of fans associate it with pain and that he directs it through his music. The media also call is “the unusual half-moon markings”. Assumptions also promoted him being in a knife fight that went bad and associating his scars with the poor conditions he was bought up in London as a child and that he was an unwanted child of his Nigerian parents.

When asked about such assumptions and theories in an interview to Jet Magazine he said “People want the scars to be tribal scars. That’s just the nature of the media and of people’s imaginations”. All such speculations have diverted the attention from his real problem of Lupus. The media also promoted stories such as: he was punched in the face, his face was affected in a bizarre motorcycle accident and also that he was bitten on the face by a wolf. Although he was diagnosed of Lupus in his teenage, the scars did not appear on his face till he was 23.

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