Escala – The Real Seattle Apartment Penthouse from Fifty Shades of Grey

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The real-life apartment from the novel Fifty Shades of Grey is gaining much popularity.  Just like the book made a billionaire of the British author E.L.James, it also made the Seattle property price rise up tremendously. Since the trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey hit Youtube, Erik Mehr’s phone has not stopped ringing. The reason? Well, she is the real estate broker of the apartment that witnesses all the steamy rendezvous between the fictitious billionaire Christian Grey and Anastasia.  The building that is mentioned in the book is called Escala in real.

Mehr’s firm talks about women between the ages 19 and 50 calling up, to spend a night or two in the luxurious penthouse. Mehr spoke to CNN, “I hope the ladies realize that it is just a condominium building where people stay, and there is no red room here. But still people want to rent a room here for a night or two.”  E.L. James actually heard about Escala, which was available for residents in 2009, and intelligently wove it into her steamy tale. Of course, she did take liberties like a helicopter landing pad on the roof, which of course, is a figment of her imagination.

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So popular has Escala become since 2012 when the book released, that it had to increase security to keep the fans at bay.  A family based in Oregon, bought the most expensive penthouse (without the red-room, of course) for $6.2 million.  But famous people do stay in the building, some of them include three Major League Baseball players and a San Francisco Giants pitcher, Tim Lincecum, who sold one of the sub-penthouses, he bought, this year.

Escala does make it to Fifty Shades of Grey- the movie, the film crew were allowed to take shots of the external part of the building.  E.L.James also gave copies of her books free to each of the residents as a goodwill gesture.  The biggest piece of good news is that the property value of Escala rose to amazing heights.  Zillow, the real estate website reported that Seattle condo house has risen by about 10 percent since 2010. The median sales price for Escala, has risen by more than 75 percent. Only 6 apartments in the house were not sold, while others were sold for  about a million.  Mehr said, “Most of the people who stay are a bit older than the average reader of the book.”

Escala Apartment – Pictures of the Real Seattle Penthouse from Fifty Shades of Grey

Escala Fifty Shades of Grey penthouse apartment

The master bathroom with glass enclosed shower

Fifty Shades of Grey bathroom penthouse Escala

The master bathroom

Fifty Shades of Grey penthouse apartment

The kitchen

Escala Fifty Shades of Grey house

The penthouse vestibule

Seattle penthouse Fifty Shades of Grey Escala

The living room

Escala Fifty Shades of Grey apartment

The master bedroom with sitting area

Fifty Shades of Grey master bathroom Escala

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The bar

The bar

Living room with kitchen

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Escala penthouse apartment Seattle

The guest bedroom

The guest bedroom

Fifty Shades of Grey building Escala Seattle Penthouse fifty shades of grey seattle penthouse

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