Esther Anuhya Murder Mystery – CCTV images to help solve the case

February 2, 2014 | 0

The murder of 23 year old Esther Anuhya in Mumbai has created a wave of mystery and outcry in the social media This software professional who was working in TCS Mumbai, had gone to  her native place in Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh to celebrate Christmas.  Having been untraceable since January 4, her dead body was discovered in suburban  Kanjurmarg.

The doctors who conducted post-mortem on Esther found out that there were numerous injuries on her body and her private parts were injured severely by a blunt object.  She had boarded the Vishakapatnam-LTT Express train from Vijayawada on January 4 to reach Mumbai but never reached her hostel in Andheri.  Her father had first lodged a complaint with the police at the  Vijaywada railway station, after which he came to Mumbai and then lodged a police complaint at the Kurla railway station.  Her partly decomposed body was found in Kanjurmarg mangroves with her phone (with the data erased) and a ring beside her.  The phone which had a dual SIM showed so calls being done after the train crossed the Maharashtra border

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Investigations revealed that Esther went missing after reaching Mumbai. A 40 year old man was detained from Hyderabad on suspicion of taking her away from the railway waiting room on January 5. The CCTV footage showed a burly man in white shirt and blue jeans, carrying her luggage while Esther is seen talking on a phone, which was not the same that was found near her body.   The footage showed that the man was acquainted with Esther and the girl was at ease, talking comfortably on the phone, walking a slight distance away from the man. Cops are finding out if the phone that Esther was talking with, belonged to the man or was her additional one, that her family were not in the know of.  Esther’s family have said that they do not know the person who was seen in the CCTV image.

Esther got off the train on platform number 3 on LTT station at about 4.55 AM, this spot is not covered by the CCTV cameras.   She is then seen entering the waiting room but exits soon. A man is seen walking with her, with her luggage. A police officer said. “Anuhya’s father had asked her to stay in the station till sunrise, so it is not clear why she ventured out. We do not know who this is and we are examining if he lured her with the promise of a lift.”

The police have also got another lead in which they found out that Esther was speaking to a close male friend for 41 minutes during the entire journey. This man in his mid-twenties had also boarded the same train but was sitting in another compartment. An officer said, “This friend says that he was supposed to go to Shirdi via Mumbai but has not been able to justify the same.” It is still not clear if the person met Esther at LTT but it is evident that he left for Shirdi the same day, Esther reached Mumbai.  The police suspect that Esther’s friend and the man carrying the luggage probably knew each other. But Esther’s friend has said that he had no knowledge of his friend’s murder. The man in the CCTV looks like someone from her home-town, according to sources.

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Esther Anuhya photos

Esther Anuhya photos 2 Esther Anuhya photos Esther Anuhya pictures Esther Anuhya images

Esther Anuhya walking with a man from LTT Station – CCTV Images

Esther Anuhya CCTV image Esther Anuhya man on CCTV images Esther Anuhya with man railway station CCTV Esther Anuhya with man CCTV


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