Feral Children Stories

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A feral child is a wild child who has lively in tragedy isolated from humans and under the perils of life with no human care. Such children are believed to have been isolated from human contact at their tender age and have no or little experience in human care. They lack the loving or social behavior that is crucial of human. In some instances, the feral children have had child abandonment because their parents rejected them. These children may have undergone a severe child abuse or trauma prior to being abandoned or running away from their parents.

There has been tens of children who are perceived as feral children, and who were rescued from wild environments. In reality, feral children lack basic human social skills such as use of toilets, and troubles in learning how to walk upright after being in a situation where they have learned to walk on fours. They also display lack of interest in human activities. They seem to be mentally impaired and experience problems in learning human language.

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There are few documented feral children and one of the best known is the Kamala and Amala girls. These two girls were discovered by Reverend Singh, and are believed to have been brought up by wolves in a forest in India. However, information from other sources claim that Amala and Kamala were born with mental and physical disabilities.Captured in October 1920 from abandoned anti-hill inhabited by wolves somewhere near Godamuri in the neighborhood of Midnapore, Calcutta through direction by Rev JAL Singh, an Anglican missionary, the mother wolf was shot.

The girls had misshapen jaws, and eyes that shown in dark like those of cats and dogs. The two were named Amala and Kamala. Although Amala died the year that followed, Kamala on the other hand, survived till 1929, during which she had already given up eating carrion, and had learned to walk upright. She spoke about 50 words by the time of her death.

Oxana Malaya was born in November 1983. She had been living her life in company of dogs and she had already picked up many behavioral patterns displayed by dogs. Her dog-like behaviors surprised many people as she found it even hard to master language. Her parents where alcoholic when she was young. This could have contributed to their hateful behavior which led to negligence of this child.

Oxana lived in an impoverished location where there were many dogs roaming the streets. Oxana lived in dog kennel just behind the house where she was taken care of by the wild dogs. She learned the behavior of dogs and could display those habits when she was rescued. For example, Oxana growled, crouched like a dog, barked, and sniffed at food before she ate it. She was found to have extreme acute senses of smell, sight, and hearing.

The Wild Boy of Aveyron or simply the Victor of Aveyron is yet another name in the list of those children who have lived as feral children. Some sources say that he could have been the first documented case of autism but is a well known figure of a child who was left alone in wild. Several people claim that Victor in the end of 19th century used to roam in the Saint Sernin sur Rance woods, somewhere in France.

Although he was captured a first time, he escaped but was seen several times in 1798 and 1799. During this time, he is believed to have been 12 years in age. The body of Victor had many scars and he was unable to speak a word. When he was taken to town, Pierre Joseph Bonnaterre, a biological professor decided to examine him. The professor took off the clothes of Victor and put him outside in the snow as part of the examination.

Surprisingly, Victor began to scamper around in snow while showing no illness effects from the cold temperatures with his bare skin. It is also believed that Victor lived in wild for close to 7 years; something that could have transformed the body to be able to bear such extreme weather conditions that few people could endure. Roch-Ambroise Cucurron Sicard decided to teach the boy but became quite frustrated of the progress in learning human social skills. Victor was later taken to the Paris Institution des Sourds-Muets and lived with Mme Guérin. He died at the age of 40.

If you ever get into conversation about feral children or take a psychology class, one name you will come across is the Genie Wild Child. For close to 13 years, Genie was locked inside a room and was strapped to her potty chair. Other times, she was could be bound in a sleeping bag and then put inside a crib. Genie went through child abuse and her father was behind the misery. He would hit her with a stick when she did spoke and would growl and bark at her in order to keep her silent or quiet.

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The further forbade the wife and other children from speaking to Genie. Genie had only a small vocabulary that consisted of about 20 words. He only knew phrases like “no more”, “stop it” and these might have remained in the conscious part of the brain from the abuse she endured. Genie was discovered in 1970, and today, her story is one of the worst cases of social isolation to have been known.

Initially, she was thought to be autistic until doctors discovered that she was a victim of abuse. She received treatment for years at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Today she lives somewhere in Southern California, and although she has gone through successive therapy sessions to help you learn social skills, she has not improved very much. She still displays some of the behaviors she learned in the wild such as bunny walk.

She also scratched and clawed at things and she could hold her hands up in front as if they were paws. Therapist David Rigler stayed with her for 4 years and tried to train her on daily basis. The family of the therapist taught Genie sign language and ways on how to express herself without having to speak through use of drawing. However, she is believed to have become mute again when she went to live with her mother and the abusive foster parents.

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