Foreign Actors from the Bollywood Movie Queen Become Popular!

March 18, 2014 | 0

While Kangana’s performance in Queen is being described as one of the path-breaking ones in Bollywood, the acting by the bunch of foreign actors in the film has also won hearts of people.  Here are the names of the actors and their background

Mish Boyko pictures

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Mish Boyko photo

Mish Boyko –  The handsome actor who played the role of the Russsian Alexander (Sikander) who loves his beer and has the hots for Rani, is none other than Miss Boyko. His amazing screen presence and the character’s inner turmoil was brought out beautifully by this actor, from Midland, Texas; now based in London.  Mish Boyko has acted in a few films and TV series before like Wrist (2010),  Waterloo Road(TV series),  The Burn (a short film),  D is for Detroit and of course, Queen. He is available on Twitter @ MishBoyko

Jeffrey Ho Taka Queen Jeffrey Ho Taka

Jeffrey Ho – He played the role of ‘Taka’ the Japanese boy with an impish charm. Rani(Kangana Ranaut) bonds really well with Jeffrey’s character.  The talented actor debuted with this film.  Jeffrey Chee Eng Ho is a Malaysian born Chinese actor, now living in London. He studied and graduated from the London School of Dramatics. The actor loves to attend more theater workshop to fine-tune his craft. Jeffrey Ho is a musician, dancer, singer and is equally adept at sports. He is available on Twitter @actorjeffreyho

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Guitobh Thomas photo

Guitobh Thomas – The ‘black Frenchman’ who plays Tim, is indeed French.  Kangana is friends with him, and the friendship has continued even after the shooting ended. The actress met the low-profile Guitobh in Paris and then became good friends with him, after the unit continued to work in Amsterdam.  In fact, Kangana also played the perfect host when Guitobh came with his wife Caroline, to travel to India.Marco Canadea  Queen Kangana Ranaut kissing scene Queen 2 Kangana Ranaut kissing in Queen Marco Candea – The Italian restaurant owner, Kangana has the hots for,  is Marco Candea.  Kangana Ranaut kisses him in Queen to prove a point, that Indian are better than Italians, in kissing.  Marco Candea has done  a couple of other films before Queen, which include Crush (2013) and  Scotchend(2014). He is also based in London and can be reached at Twitter @MarcoCanadea.

foreign actors in queen

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