Galaxy Note Edge – Review, Specs, Pictures

September 9, 2014 | 0

The Galaxy Note Edge is similar to Note 4, the only difference is that the first one has a more premium design and a more stylish look.  The curved area or the edge gives the look of an infinity pool.  All the notifications, app shortcuts, time and date, alarms, tickers, movie playback controls etc are placed on this ‘edge’.  So, if you are watching a movie on your Note Edge, the control buttons remain on the edge without inferring with the movie.   You can customize the way you want notifications to be placed with the help of the Edge Manager application The phone is named Edge because the right edge of the display helps you get access to many standard functions of the phone, apps, notifications etc, even when the phone-screen is locked.


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The Galaxy Note Edge runs on 2. 7 Ghz 805 Snapdragon quad-core processor and has 3GB RAM. The internal memory storage capacity comes in 2 versions – 32 GB and 64 GB.  Both versions have an option to expand up to 64 GB. The operating system is Android 4.4 Kitkat OS with Samsung Touchwiz Interface.

 The screen

Quite like Note 4, the Note Edge comes with a 2560 X 1440 resolution, Quad-HD display with Super AMOLED technology on a 5.6 inch screen.   The Note Edge has a PPI of 515.

 The Camera

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Quite like Note 4, the camera for Galaxy Note Edge is 16 MP. This one also has the OIS or the smart Optical Image Stabilizer that rules away with any kind of shakiness while taking pictures.  Taking selfies can be even more fun with 3. 7 megapixel camera.  The default angle covers 90 degree angle, while the wide angle can be stretched to 120 degrees.

Other features

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has an S-Pen which is user-friendly with improved ‘air command’ functionality.  The phone also comes with a fingerprint scanner, a UV sensor and a heart-rate monitor.


Galaxy Note Edge is equipped with a Lithium Ion 3000 MaH battery along which can charge really fast.  The Edge’s ultra-saving power mode helps in saving battery power.


 Galaxy Note Edge is predicted to have an off-contract price tag of $700 upwards. The phone will be sold by carriers like AT&T, T Moble, Sprint and Verizon, and will probably be sold at $300.  Note 4, on the other hand, is being officially confirmed to be priced at 699 Euro(Rs. 56,000) in Germany.  The price in the US for Note 4 can be $600 without contract and $300 with contract. Here is more information on the prices for Galaxy Note 4.

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