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Genie was born in 1957 and is a pseudonym of yet another case of a feral child who was subjected to negligence, abuse, and social isolation. Genie was born in Arcadia California and her circumstances have been recorded in annals of abnormal child psychology. When Genie was born, she was kept locked in a room from since the age of about 20 months to 13 years and 7 months. She was almost always strapped to a kid’s toilet or was bound in a crib while her legs and arms were completely immobilized.

During this time, she did not get any significant exposure to speech which means that she did not acquire a first language in her childhood. The attention of abuse of Genie came to the limelight in November 4, 1970 through Los Angeles child welfare authorities. During the first years since the discovery of the cruel life of Genie, psychologists and linguists focused on her attention to try and help her out in learning the basic social skills.

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Since she had not learned any development aspect from her childhood including language. The linguists saw that Genie’s case was potentially essential in offering more insight into the process of control of language acquisition and the linguistic developments. Various academic works were published from the newly found human subject with some of the research showing critical periods in which humans learn to understand and use languages.

After she was found, he was kept under the care of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where she spend about 8 months before being moved to a foster home for about one month and half. Thereafter, she was taken to the home of the scientist who was conducting the research for about 4 years. After she turned 18, Genie was taken back to mom but she could not provide for her adequately.

The following months, she was placed in a series of institutions for disabled persons but she experienced further emotional and physical abuse. The skills she had acquired through the help of the scientists are said to have regressed so fast and after early 1978, the mom forbid the scientists from getting in contact with her. In 2008, news sources indicated that Genie was living somewhere in California, and she is speechless.

Genie was the fourth but last child of parents living in Arcadia, California. Genie’s mother was sick and suffering from frequent beatings from her husband. Genie’s mother had also vision problems from an accident she had when in childhood. Genie’s father had made it clear that he did not like children nor did he want to have any. Genie’s father continued to beat her wife and after about 5 years of marriage, she became pregnant.

From the beatings and an attempted strangling to death by the husband, the wife was admitted to hospitable where during that time she delivered a baby. However, the girl baby was crying and the father placed her in garage were after 10 weeks, she died of pneumonia. A second child was born one year later but had Rh incompatibility and died two days after birth.

The wife gave birth to another son three years later but the father forced the mother to keep quiet, but the paternal grandmother was concerned about the son’s instability and the delay in development of the grandson. The grandmother took care of the grandson but later returned him when he acquired good developmental growth. The mother then gave birth to the fourth child, the miserable Genie. This is where the miserable life of Genie began.

 Where is Genie now?

The girl now lives as a ward in Los Angeles, California, in an undisclosed location.  In 2003,a detective had tracked her down and found out that she was living a fairly happy life. She had become adept at communicating with sign language though speaking words were still a challenge to her. Her mother died at the age of 87 while her father had killed himself  y firing a gun-shot, on the day of trial when the LA Police had pressed charges on him.

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