Harlem Explosion Results in 2 Dead and 22 Injured

March 12, 2014 | 0

On Wednesday, an explosion resulted in the collapse of a residential building in Manhattan. The explosion happened at 9am in the East Harlem neighborhood in the building situated at the corner of 116th and Park Avenue killing at least two women and injuring around 18 people.

In the afternoon, it was revealed by the Mayor, Bil De Blasio addressed the incident as ‘a tragedy of the worst kind’ and declared that it was a gas leak that caused the collapse of the building. The tragedy could not be prevented as there was no prior warning. The Mayor also stated that some of the witnesses had felt a foul odor few days before the incident and finally the explosion happened on Wednesday morning.

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Officials have stated that one of the residents had called them before the blast and had complained of a gas smell. They also added that they sent firefighters to the scene in about two minutes. The crew reached the explosion place when the blast occurred.

At 6:45pm, the two floors from the top came crashing down. The firefighters claimed that the fire was contained and they had done their best to prevent the fire to spread to the buildings in the adjacent areas.

At first, the neighbors felt that the sound of explosion was an earthquake. The sound of the blast caused breaking of windows and its sound could be heard even several blocks away. Robert Pauline aged 52 who works as a data processor and lives six blocks away from the collapsed building claims that even his building was rocked by the blast. James DeJesus who resides on the same block expressed that blast was quite strong. He said that when looked outside the window, he saw debris and smoke everywhere.

Others felt the building collapsed because of bomb blast and this caused more panic and confusion among the people at the neighborhood. Some even spread false rumors that the Metro North had blew up. Even trains were stopped because of the rubbles on the railway tracks. Commuters were advised to avoid using the Metro North railway route at the Fordhan stop.

Police officials have confirmed that it was not a terrorist attack. President Barrack Obama expressed his grief and sent his condolences to the families of the victims.  The White House also expressed their thoughts and prayers for all those are affected by the untoward incident.
The area where the building collapse is an industrial area that is situated near the San Francisco Bay. It is located close to the AT&T Park and is also the place where the University of California is located.

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Harlem Explosion in Pictures

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