Holly Bobo Murder Case – Body Found and Arrests Made

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Police have attested to the fact that they have found the skull of the  20 year old nursing student Holly Bobo, close to the house of one of her suspected killers, 3 years after she went missing.  DNA reports confirmed that the evidence found belonged to Holly Bobo.  The two men, who have been charged with her kidnap and murder, are Zachary Adams, 29, and Jason Wayne Autry, 39.

Holly Bobo who stayed in Parsons town with her parents Karen and Dana and brother Clint, a few hundred miles away from Memphis, Tennessee, vanished in April 2011. The remains including the skull were found in Decatur Countywood, close to her home.  Back in 2011, when she went missing,  Bobo’s brother told the police that he witnessed a man in disguise, leading her into a forest.  The police scanned through the entire area but nothing was to be found.

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It so happened that Bobo who was known to be a simple girl with no apparent grudges with people, was getting ready to go to her nursing school.  Following her disappearance, people in and around the little town of Parsons partook in the sense of loss and offered support to the family, by putting pink ribbons around store-fronts and lamp posts.  Bobo was last seen wearing a pink shirt and a purse of the same color, on the day, she disappeared.

By the spring of 2014, five men were arrested in charge of Bobo’s murder.  Zachary Adams was taken to custody in March with charges of first degree homicide and kidnapping.  One of the testimonies came from Zachary’s brother John Dylan Adams, who said that he had seen Bobo alive with his brother, in their shared home, which is different from Adams’ actual place of stay.

Zachary Adams’s friend, 39 year old Jason Wayne Autry was also arrested with kidnapping and first-degree murder, on the basis of witnesses’ account.  A man who was arrested, Shayne Kyle Austin, offered to give information about Bobo’s body for immunity.  The police have reasons to believe that Austin was also involved in disposing the body.  The agreement was void because Austin, according to the police, was not able to give concrete information about the body.  Austin’s attorney filed a case in return, against  the state asking for immediate and permanent injunction, in order to disallow the state from pressing charges against Austin.

In July 2014, Jeffrey Pearcy and his brother Mark were arrested and charged for tampering with evidence. Jeffrey’s roommate Sandra King told the court that Jeffrey had showed her the video that could prove to be instrumental in arresting him.  Jeffrey and his two children, lived with Sandra, so  that the sons could complete their schooling. According to Sandra’s statement, Jeffrey had shown her the video which showed Adams assaulting Bobo, who is seen tied up and crying helplessly.  She told the police that she had only seen a little part of the video, and did not bring herself to watch the sexual assault.  King then called Jeffrey, he was unaware that the call was recorded. Over the phone she said, “That video of Holly, if it had been you, I would have watched it,” to which he answered, “’I know.”  King also alleged that the person who shot the video was Jeffrey’s brother, Mark.

The video however was not found and the brother denied it.  They denied knowing much about the case.  Jeffrey stated that he was  not rally able to hear her properly in the telephonic conversation and that he misinterpreted what she said, because even his ex-wife’s name is Holly. The cops also did not get any lead about the video.

The men who were arrested, denied knowing anything about the disappearance.  Jason Autry stated that he may have been a thief  and drug addict, but he was never a ‘killer’. He also said that Dylan, who is also arrested for gun charges, had misled the investigators and framed his brother Zachary, because they hated each other. Autry told that the investigators had tried to falsely label allegations against him and Zachary Adams.  Jeffrey Pearcy, in turn, blamed Sandra King for framing him and said that she had made fabricated charges to involve him in the Holly Bobo murder case.

The case has received considerable news and attention across the media.  The media channels were blamed for inaccurate and contradictory coverage to increase the shock value in the case.  One of them was the way in which Holly’s last few moments of disappearance were covered.  While the first few reports were that the girl was dragged into the woods by a man, Clint, Hobbo’s brother said that he had seen his sister walking into the woods with a man in disguise, and he was not sure, if it was willingly or by force. Clint, was also thought to be a suspet in the case.

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Holly Bobo pictures (including people associated with the case)

Holly Bobo pictures 2 Holly Bobo missing photo holly bobo photos Holly Bobo pictures holly bobo kidnapping murder

Holly Bobo’s brother Clint and parents, Karen (mom) and Dana (Father)

holly bobo brother clint and parents

Suspects –Zachary Adams  and Jason Wayne Autry

zachary adams Holly Bobo Murder Holly Bobo murder Zachary Adams  Jason Wayne Autry,

Jeffrey Pearcy

Jeffrey Pearcy Holly Bobo murder case


Sandra King

sandra king

Decatur Countywood- The place where Holly Bobo’s remains were found

holly bobo remains found area

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