How Katy Perry Battles Her Acne Problems

September 1, 2014 | 0

One of the most popular celebrities, Katy Perry is not only known for her talent but also for her skin conditions. The American singer and actress has been facing acne since her childhood. She reported having acne as a prolonged skin disease because of her stressed out lifestyle, lack of sleep and taxing routines. She also confirmed that her confidence has come down because of acne that made her vulnerable and restrained her confidence. However the star has not really been hiding her condition because of her public image where she is known to be a real person.

Popular for her endorsement of Proactive which she herself uses as a solution to acne, Katy has tried a bunch of procedures such as facial treatments and cosmetic products. Ironically the singer got paid around 4 million dollars to endorse this product which in reality has not been good enough for her borderline severe acne. Since her dermatologists have not been able to treat her skin problem effectively (which shows in her pictures without make-up) she has been spotted wearing big sunglasses and has to hide them.

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She has also affirmed that she wears a lot of make-up to hide her acne. In one of her interviews for an American magazine she said “I’m self-conscious about that, so sometimes I wear too much makeup to cover them up.” Perry also reported that she makes sure to remove her make-up before the bed-time and has regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing to stay away from acne. Shu Uemura tops her list when it comes to paint removal. According to Katy Perry, the renewing cleanser has benefited her acne prone skin.  Various skin experts have suggested her to stay away from too much sunlight to keep the skin healthy, but also to be in optimum natural light for the same reasons.

In one of her interviews she shared how she has been handling her skin condition. She is not really a big follower of chemical face peels and other chemical treatments. She uses natural ingredients to protect her skin, such as her favorite face mask of egg whites and almond oil. She also takes care of her skin from within by having vitamin C and Omega 3 pills three times a day. A big fan of workouts and a balanced nutritious diet she finds it easier to deal with skin problems like acne by following a disciplined routine.

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In her movie Katy Perry: Part of me 3D, she is seen in a non glamorous look which according to her is not exciting because her acne can also be seen in 3D. In an interview with British newspaper The Sun she said “I kept a lot of those scenes in where I am not looking all done up and looking pretty exhausted. And my acne is in 3D, which is not exciting!” The confident beauty has now and then affirmed her inclination towards being more realistic, even after having a compulsion of glamour as a part of her life.

Katy Perry – Acne Prone Skin (Pictures)

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