How to Deal with Bullies?

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Bullying is a major issue. It can cause children to feel scared, hurt, lonely, sick, sad, and embarrassed. Bullies may kick, hit, or push to harm others; or they may call names, tease, threaten, or use other scaring tactics. A bully can snatch other kids’ stuff, say mean things about them, purposely leave out one particular kid from a group, or make fun of others. Some bullies may also make other kids do things that they have no inclination for.

Bullying is indeed a serious problem!

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Bullying is a major problems that affects thousands and millions of kids the world over. Nearly 75 percent of kids have been teased or bullied at some point. When kids get bullied, it can make them feel really bad and sick. This may cause them to avoid going to school or even outdoors.

It’s quite difficult to concentrate on school and other activities when your entire time is dedicated to worrying about dealing with a bully.Bullying can be distressing for all and not just for those who are getting bullied. Bullying can cause varied places, including school, to become a feared place and result in additional stress and violence for all involved.

It is therefore best to know about the different ways in which you can deal with bullies. A few tips, divided into two categories, on handling bullies are given below.

Prevention of run-ins with a bully

  • Avoid the bully: Don’t give any chance to the bully by avoiding him/her at every possible occasion. It is not possible to skip class or hide somewhere. However, you can use a different route to get to class and avoid the bully.
  • Feel good about oneself:It is important to remember that no one is perfect. However, all of us can do things to feel and look good. You may spend time in outdoor activities, get exercise, and maintain your health with balanced meals. Taking a daily shower in the mornings will also ensure that you feel refreshed and good about yourself, and ready for the challenges ahead.
  • Be courageous: When you exude confidence and courage, a bully will mostly not pick on you. How is it possible to be brave while being scared of the school bully? It is all dependent on the manner in which you carry yourself and the way you feel about yourself. So stand tall, be friendly, be confident and this will let everyone know how good you feel about yourself.
  • Get a friend: Being in a group of two or more is always a better option when you want to avoid getting bullied. You can walk with a friend to the school, or during a recess, or on any occasion that you think you may encounter a bully. Give the same support to a buddy who is experiencing bullying troubles. It is also important to get involved whenever you come across bullying in school or other places; you may assist the kid who is being bullied, you can talk to an adult, or you may ask the bully to stop.

How to deal with bullies

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If the bully does or says something

  • Stand up to the bully: Bullies are most likely to pick on kids who do not stand up to bullying. Do not do things that bullies ask you to do because if you do it once, then they will keep picking on you again and again to show their superiority. Instead, you can loudly ask the bully to ‘stop it’ and then walk away, or even run off, from the spot. Children can also ask bullies to stop scaring or teasing their buddy and then walk away together. If you are being asked to do something that you do not want to do, then say ‘no’ and quietly walk away.
  • Do not pay attention to bully: Bullies get satisfaction from the response that their meanness and teasing emanates from those getting bullied. Hence, it is best to ignore the bully and his/her threats. You may pretend as if you did not hear the bully and briskly walk away to a safe spot. When you act as if you are not afraid of the bully, or are not aware of their presence, or do not care about them, then it may probably stop the unnecessary attention of the bully.
  • Don’t display your feelings: Avoid showing your frustration, or getting upset or angry. This will only fuel the bullying. Instead keep calm and distract yourself with activities such as slow counting till the time you have walked away to a safe place. You may then vent your feelings.
  • Do not bully back: Avoid fighting with a bully. Pushing back, kicking, or hitting a bully is not only dangerous, but also provides ample satisfaction to the bully, who will continue bullying. It is therefore best to walk away and seek the help of an adult.
  • Talk to an adult: Kids who are unable to cope with bullying can talk to a trusted adult about the situation. This is not tattling about the bully. Also, talking to an adult may help others as the bully will now be more circumspect and restrained.
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