How to get rid of dark lips

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There are many factors that can make your lips dark. One of the commonest causes is sun exposure. Sun exposure makes your lips dry up something that may lead to change in their color. Other common causes are ultra-violet rays, allergies to substances such as food, smoking, caffeine, and hormonal changes. As they say, there is a lot of power in smile, however, dark lips may make you less confident and can even mar the beauty of a smile.

One most important element in both men and women is rosy lips. These add a lot to your sex life and any changes in their looks can make your life horrible, as you tend to lose confidence and develop low self-esteem. Most of the time dark lips are not a cause for any alarm as regards your health but their biggest problem is the devastating appearance that they give you. They tend to tarnish your personal image and can cause a lot of embarrassment.

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Causes of dark lipsdark lips

Sun exposure is the most common cause of dark lips. When your lips are exposed to the sun, they dry and can develop cracks and crusts. As you try to pick the flakes, you may injure the mucosal cells leading to the development of an ulcer. As the sore heals, it may develop a colored scar leading to dark lips. Sun also exposes the melanocytes in your skin to factors that may lead to their proliferation.

Melanocytes are cells that are found under the skin and give skin its black color. They are also found in hair and other tissues. UV light rays, which are found in the sun radiation, can cause damage to these cells leading to deeper coloration of your lips and other areas of your body.

Cigarette smoking is also implicated in the pathogenesis of dark lips.

Heat that is developed by the cigarette is transmitted to your lips even though you may not feel it. The constant dose of heat in heavy smokers tends to have cumulative effects on the cells of the skin over their lips.  Nicotine, a major component of cigarette smoke, causes discoloration of both your teeth and lips. Other components of cigarette smoke that may be implicated include tar and other compounds that may even be carcinogenic.

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Less common causes include hormonal changes, food, and caffeine. Some substances stimulate the synthesis and secretion of hormones that increase the production of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that is produced by cells in the epidermis of the skin to give it the black tincture. When the production of this pigment is increased, it may manifest itself as dark lips. It can also be increased in malignant conditions especially in cancer of the lungs.

How to get rid of dark lips

Depending on the underlying cause, most of the time, dark lips do not need special attention, as they tend to resolve on their own. However, because of the discomfort and emotional issues that they cause, you should learn several ways to lighten your lips when they become dark.

One of the natural substances used is honey. It is used to treat dark lips that have developed due to age or other external factors. This product tends to soften your lips and gives them a pink glow. It should be applied on a daily basis until the lips turn to their original color. Application can be done both during the day and at night.

For small dark patches and spots on the skin, you should apply lemon. The best time to apply lemon is during night hours. You should massage your lips with lemon juice that is fresh all over your lips. You should also keep them hydrated, as dehydrated lips can ulcerate and lemon can even worsen this condition.

Strawberry juice is also very helpful. This juice gives your lips a natural smoothness and pink color. You can use this mixture as lip balm on daily basis for best results. Some oils have also been found to be more helpful than conventional therapies that are often used. These include castor oil, olive oil, and tea tree oil. Of these, olive oil is the best and the most popular in the use as a lip lightener.

You should apply these oils for protracted periods of time as it may take few weeks to months before benefits appear. Apply the oils as you go to bed. To keep your lips as hydrated as possible, you can achieve this by massaging them with ice cubes or licking them using your tongue.

You should also try avoiding lip products that tend to make your lips dehydrated and instead use high quality ones that do not irritate your skin. This is because some products may act as allergens that can lead to a hypersensitive reaction involving the epidermal cells of your lips. Other products and substances that can help include almond oil, cucumber juice, and glycerin. The most important thing is adherence to the treatment course as remission rate is high in those who observe therapy.

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