How to make coconut milk at home and use it for hair growth?

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Coconut milk is obtained from the fruit but contrary to what some people think, it is not the liquid that comes out when you break the coconut.  It is a prominent feature in many cooking recipes across Thai and Indian cuisine, and many other countries across South-east Asia and the tropical countries of West Indies and Hawaii. Remember, that coconut milk is derived from a ‘ripe’ coconut.

How to make coconut milk at home?

First check if there is liquid in the coconut. Shake it first to ascertain if there is some liquid activity in it, if you do not feel there is any, avoid it. Use the back-end of a cleaver (not the sharp one) and knock the coconut, split it into two pieces.

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make coconut milk at home

The water trickles out, now you have to dig out the white fleshy part in the coconut, in order to put it in the blender or the food processor.

Hit the shell of one of the two pieces with the cleaver, and then use a sharp knife and extract the white flesh from the area where the flesh meets the hard-shell. The hard exterior goes into the garbage.

how to make coconut milk at home

You don’t need to peel the woody-looking outer skin of the flesh because you are just going to remove the flesh from it. Chop the piece into small pieces of about 1 centimeter.

make coconut mik

Pour two cups of water in a food processor or blender. Work the processor for about 2 minutes so that you get liquid of the same consistency.

Now, you will need a strainer and a bowl. Pour the entire semi-solid product into a strainer, so that only the liquid passes into the bowl. This is fresh coconut milk.

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Squeeze the little coconut pieces collected on the strainer really good, to derive even more valuable coconut to make coconut milk

How to use coconut milk for hair growth?

Coconut milk is quite beneficial for your hair, because it contains vitamin E in copious amounts.  So, if you have dull, damaged hair or are experiencing hair loss, you can trust coconut milk to work effectively on the hair.

Here is how you do it.

  1. Pour the milk into a preheated pan and cook for about five minute. Allow the milk to cool down and let it freeze overnight.
  2.  Free your hair of the tangles, take some cotton, shape it into ball and then dip into the milk. Apply the milk gently on the hair, including the root and the shaft.  After doing this, gently but firmly massage the scalp.  This improves blood circulation and gives hair nourishment.
  3.  Tie your tresses with a hair-cap in order to keep the hair warm and prevent milk to spill out.
  4. Leave on for five hours, so that the milk can completely nourish the hair.
  5. Go for a bath and shampoo your hair well.
  6. Condition the hair

coconut milk hair mask

The coconut milk hair mask not only improves hair texture, but also makes it shiny and smooth.

 Can you use coconut milk for conditioning the hair?

  1. You can use coconut milk for hair conditioning too, but for that, you have to mix it with olive oil or castor oil, and add some honey.
  2. Heat the contents for about three minutes and then apply to the hair.
  3. Do not worry, if things get a little sticky, just ensure that you wear a hair-cap.
  4. Leave on  for some time, and then wash the hair with a regular shampoo

You should condition your hair with coconut milk at least once a week to get good hair growth results.

Coconut milk for hair thinning and hair loss

For issues like baldness and hair thinning, coconut milk can be an effective cure.

  1. First cleanse the area with an astringent or antibacterial lotion to clean the scalp.  Take quarter cup of coconut milk, a cup of plain yogurt and about 3 spoons of camphor lotion. Apply this mixture to the balding spots and receding hairline; massage the concoction deep into the scalp. Let it soak in for about three hours and then rinse with warm water, patting, rather than rubbing it try. Perform this treatment for about four times a week.
  2.  Take six teaspoons of coconut milk, put half teaspoon of crushed black-pepper; mix well and apply the concoction to the scalp.  Wash off after 15-20 minutes with normal water.
  3.  Mix equal parts of coconut milk and amla oil (Indian gooseberry) and apply this mixture to this hair. This not only prevents hair loss but also prevents premature hair-graying.
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