How to print pictures from iPhone?

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The iPhone is an advanced gadget, which among other things also allows you to print pictures from it. You may use a variety of iPhone apps that allow ease of printing pictures from your iPhone. Such apps need to be downloaded, installed and configured; other programs have to be closed before you can commence printing pictures.

Users may also email the pictures to themselves and then print it via the email on your computer, or from the iPhone. It is a really reliable and easy process that does not involves the download of third-party apps or programs. If you print via your computer, then you need not use even Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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Some of the common ways in which users can print pictures from their iPhones are discussed below.

How to print pictures from iPhone

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1. Print pictures from iPhone using AirPrint

  • The Options: Use a printer that supports AirPrint. The iPhone 3GS and newer versions support the printing of pictures via printers that support AirPrint. Currently Samsung, Lexmark, HP, Dell, Canon, and Brother printer brands are AirPrint compatible.
    • If you are not sure, check the manual or call the printer company to verify whether your printer is AirPrint compatible.
    • If you do not have one, you may check for networks at different facilities or at your office, which have such networked printers and then use AirPrint to print pictures from your iPhone.
    • The process of printing: Configure/enable AirPrint on the printer. While some printer models automatically detect AirPrint, other models need to be first configured. Check if the settings on the printer have to be changed so that it can use AirPrint. Ensure that your iPhone and the printer are connected to same wireless network.
      • Click on the iPhone app which supports AirPrint. The iPhoto is a great option. You may also access documents, emails, or gallery to print pictures from your iPhone.
      • Tap on the picture that you want to print, to open it. Now choose ‘share’ and then ‘print.’ It may be noted that selecting the ‘share’ option gives a drop down menu with varied items like print, email, text, etc. You need to select the ‘print’ option from the menu.
      • In order to print pictures in an email, tap the arrow located at the lower end of the screen; one which looks like a reply button and points to the left. The ‘print’ option will then be visible. To print a picture on a webpage, you need to tap on the icon identified by a right arrow present halfway within a box, and then choose print from the options presented therein.
      • When the ‘print’ option is selected, you will see a new box with different printers that have been detected. Choose the printer which supports AirPrint. Make relevant changes, such as the number of copies, the number of pictures or pages, etc., and/or alter settings if need be, before commencing the printing process.
      • After everything is set, tap on ‘print’ button and see your iPhone picture getting printed.

2. Printing via apps/applications

  • The options: Go to the iTunes App Store and browse through printing apps. There are varied choices of apps that can be used to print pictures from iPhone. In case you require additional information on different apps and the download process, then you may visit the ‘How to Download and Use Applications’ section in the iTunes App Store.
    • IRM’s ‘Print’ app is compatible with all AirPrint printers. This app can print several file types and is recognized by Apple as being compatible with iOS 5 and 6.
    • The ‘ePrint’ app from HP can be used via an HP printer on a network, or on any compatible HP printer connected to the Internet. This app also allows cloud-based printing of pictures from iPhone to ePrint-enabled HP printers present at public printing places or at your home.
    • Even though ‘Breezy’ app for the iPhone is not very popular, it’s simple to use. The app also allows printing without any connection to the wireless network at home.
    • EuroSmartz’s PrintCentral app will print to AirPrint printers as well as all printers. It also prints over 3G networks even in the absence of W-Fi connectivity.
    • The process of printing: Download the app of your choice that is compatible with the make of the printer you currently own. Ensure that the printer is fully configured so that it can be used with the app. You may then print pictures from your iPhone to the printer.

3. Other methods of printing iPhone pictures

  • You may print pictures from your iPhone using MS Outlook. First Outlook needs to be configured. Then, the pictures need to be emailed to your email address. Now, you are all set to print the pictures on your iPhone email.
  • You may also opt for an automatic email print software instead of MS Outlook. Users have the option of turning off the ‘automatic printing’ option, and can then manually print pictures from the iPhone email as and when they desire.
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