Interesting Facts about Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country that lies on the island of Hispaniola.  One third of this land to the western side is occupied by Haiti.  The Dominican Republic has Caribbean Sea in the South and North Atlantic Ocean to the north.  The Dominican Republic is the second-largest Caribbean country after Cuba by area; the population is around 10 million with more than one million living in Santo Domingo, the capital city.

Here are more interesting facts about the Dominican Republic –

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  1. If you love adventure, the Dominican Republic offers you options aplenty in the form of trekking, water-sports and mountain-biking. Places like Constanza and Jarabacoa are good as mountain retreats.
  2. The country is known for its spectacular countryside dotted with tropical rainforest, mangroves, and ranges of alpines, sugar plantations, quaint villages and huge expanses of deserts.
  3. The climate is usually tropical in nature, with seasonal rainfall. Dominican Republic is subject to severe rainfall and storms between June and October, because of its location in the hurricane zone.
  4. Places to visit in Dominican Republic – There are many national parks aplenty in this country, nine major ones, including Los Haitises National Park, Parque Nacional del Este, Jose Del Carmen Ramirez National Park and Jaragua National Park, The metropolitan area is known for the capital city Santo Domingo and beaches, the Eastern plains are known for its world-renowned hotels and resorts like Punta Cana, Bavaro and Casa de Campo. The Eastern Cibao is a place known for its beautiful bay, while the Western Cibao, the second largest city is known for its spectacular mountains and beaches that align the Atlantic Coast. Visit South for the Enriquillo Valley that is almost virginal, untouched with beautiful scenic beauty and wildlife.
  5. There are many airports in Dominican Republic with Punta Cana International Airport being the busiest and Constanza being the most- accessed domestic airport. You can fly to Dominican Republic from US from cities like New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, Charlotte and San Juan. There are also flights from quite a few European cities like Paris, Munich and Madrid. Citizens from most nations can purchase a tourist card on arrival which costs $10. There is no railway system here, so you can go around the city in buses, or the over-loaded small vans or trucks which act like taxis (Gua-Guas) and domestic air flights. Whenever one has to go from one place to the other, one does end up passing through the capital city. Gua-guas close their operations at dusk, so the last drive is just before the sunset.
  6. The official language is Spanish, though most of them are quite conversant in English too. There are people familiar with French and German languages too.
  7. The best place to shop is the El Conde street known for its street-foods that may be good for people with cast-iron stomachs. You can get good quality clothes at cheap rates here. There are quality restaurants also available in this area with people stopping over to drink the popular beer, Presidente.
  8. The food in the Dominican Republic is mostly Caribbean in nature replete with seafood, rice, tropical fruits and beans. Popular drinks include beer, rum and Mama Juana (a blend of herbs and barks soaked in red wine, honey and rum)
  9. There are a lot of accommodation options includes the beach resort that dot the beaches. Hotels tend to levy 25% room tax, so do check beforehand before you check into a hotel. There is no dearth of cheap hotels in Dominican Republic, especially which comes for prices that are under $10 per night.
  10. The Dominican Republic is a safe country, and though there is still rampant poverty, the middle class is rapidly booming and the country is witnessing steady construction activity. There are things to be taken care of – try not traveling alone because the country is not bereft of mugging incidents, do not drive post sunset because streets are poorly lit and it is always better to dress casually and avoid being flashy to attract attention.

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Best time to visit Dominican Republic

The best time to visit the country is between July and August, the summer months and December to February-end where the weather cools down.  You can get book hotels at a cheaper rate if you visit during the spring or autumn season.  January and February are termed the coolest months in the year, while the climate is at its hottest in August.

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