Interesting Facts about Paraguay

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This small Latin American country is landlocked in central South America and divided by the Paraguay river. The country is vastly surrounded by hilly and forested landscapes. In the western part of the country known as the Chaco is a marshy land near the river and converting into semi-desert to farther west. Paraguayans are mostly Spanish and Guarani India, but majority of people prefer to speak in Guarani.

Paraguay is blessed with lots of electric power because of its huge hydroelectric dams. Itaipu, the world’s largest dam is working jointly associated with Brazil. The country major export products are soybeans, feed, cotton, meat, and edible oils. Major revenue generating industries are sugar, cement, textile and beverage. Most of Paraguayan farmers are involved in sugarcane, soybeans, cotton and corn cultivation.

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Best time to visit Paraguay

The summer season last from October till March, when the weather is humid and warm. This is the time when the country experiences highest rainfall. The best time to visit Paraguay is April till September, though it is the time when tourists come to the country. The festive season makes it quite crowded the cities, restaurants, hotels and other places.

A little relaxing time is during the winter season falls between May till August. Paraguay is a tropical country, but temperature of day falls below 18 degree to 17 degree Celsius. It is a good time because rainfall is lower and you see a clear sky.

Best places to visit in Paraguay

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It is the capital of Paraguay and one of the oldest cities in Latin America. The medieval architecture is spread all around the city to make a fulfilling cultural experience. You can explore historical district of Calle Palma, Casa de la Independencia Museum and Palacio de los Lopez.

Jesus Trinidad Jesuit Ruins

Many missionaries came during early 17th century and spread their religion in the country. The ruins of Jesus Trinidad Jesuit are preserved by the government and now UNESCO has declared it as a World Heritage Site.

Ybycui National Park

Ybycui National Park covers a dense sub-tropical rainforest, home to number of wildlife and gives a relaxing feeling in midst of forest, waterfalls and natural beauty. The park is also a paradise for butterfly lovers as colorful butterflies are quite evident in every part of the jungle.

Iguazu Falls

One of the world greatest falls is not really in the country, but it can be easily accessible from Ciudad de Este. You can take a bus ride or hire a taxi to reach the fall, either through Brazil or Argentina.

What to do in Paraguay

  • Paraguay is a football loving country and the atmosphere is stunning during a live game. So, if possible, don’t miss a football game, especially you are lucky enough to catch a match between two rivals Olimpia and Cerro Porteno.
  • Cross the border to reach Iguazu Falls either transiting through Brazil or Argentina. You need to cross the “Friendship Bridge” into Brazil and take a ferry to reach Argentina.
  • Cruising through Paraguay Rivers is a spectacular experience. The river crosses through Patanal wetlands, spotting wildlife and learning country’s ancient culture. You can take a guided river tour from Concepcion.
  • The amazing waterfront area of Encarnacion is one of the major tourist destinations in the country. During the summer season, many locals as well as international travelers come to this place to join the biggest carnival in the country.
  • Take a tea plantation tour, which is one of the biggest in South America. The plantations are located in the south of the country; generally guided plantation tours are available from Bellavista.

Interesting trivia about Paraguay

  • There are around 275 individual cascade, with the Iguacu Falls, making it double than the famous Niagara Falls.
  • Dueling is legal in the country, albeit both have to be registered blood donors. It is also compulsory to keep a professional medical staff during the dueling.
  • Paraguay has the largest navy amongst all land-locked nations.
  • The Itapu dam is the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant built across the Parana River.
  • There is no upper class in Paraguay like other Latin American nations.
  • Paraguay has the largest freshwater wetland extends across Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia.
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