Interesting Facts about Poland

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A country with a common religion and one language, Poland is a low-lying land with forests and lakes. The largest country in central Europe, Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea in the north and the Carpathian Mountains in the south.

In the early 90s, after the communist regime left the country, Poland had witnessed a bold economic reform plan with market driven economic model. In 2004, the country joined the European Union and took bold steps to join the U.S led military campaign in Iraq. Poland main industries are machine building, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals and shipbuilding. Polish farmers depend on potatoes, fruits, vegetables, wheat and poultry. Poland exports mainly intermediate manufactured products.

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Best Time to Visit Poland

Poland has a year-round good weather with four seasons. The most popular time to visit the country is from June through September when most of the tourists come to the place. This is the time when you can see open-air festivals, summer events and other occasions. The least popular months are January till March. The winter is harsh and days are short.

  • high season: June to September
  • low season: January to March, November
  • shoulder season: April to May, October, December

Most hotels, venue centers and public visiting centers remain open throughout the year, only some small beachside hotels, lakeside villages are closed during October to May. Opera is very popular in Poland, generally starts in September.

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Best Places to Visit in Poland


The town is locally known as Marienburg, a medieval masterpiece for its grandiose castle, which was built in the 13th century by the Knights of the Teutonic Order. This is the biggest castle in Europe named after the Virgin Mary.


Lublin is another ancient city situated in the eastern border of Poland.  The architecture is fantastic with a relaxed atmosphere in the city. People are friendly the city is full of lively art galleries and nightclubs.

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Bialoweiza Forest

This is vast primeval forests bordered between Poland and the Republic of Belarus. You can see plenty of European Bison freely strolling in the forests. Other than bison, you can watch red deer,wild boar, wolves,  elk, lynx  and Roe Deer and other wild animals. Guided tours are present in horse-drawn carriages or on foot.


Torun is situated on the Vistula River known for its old market place and Gothic town hall. National Geography ranked it among 30 beautiful places in the world. The city has many medieval churches, Cathedral and old buildings.

Things to do in Poland

  • Savor the old charm of Krakow and see some of the architectural wonders. The old town is declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site with many building including churches, cathedral are dating back to medieval era. The place is also known for its ubiquitous bars and fancy clubs.
  • Taste the magnificent Zubrowka, the Polish Bison Grass Vodka. It can be drunk straight out of the bottle or make a dashing cocktail with apple juice, ginger ale or other stuff.
  • Pay your respect at Auschwitz concentration camp. It is an incredibly somber experience, particularly when you see millions of shoes piled behind a glass display.
  • Visit Slowinski National Park in northern Poland and enjoy the sand dunes. You can take a walking trail or stay in camp for a night and enjoy the desert in the night.
  • The Tatra mountain range offers spectacular hiking opportunities to people who love mountains. It is surrounded by beautiful forests, craggy peaks and diverse landscapes.

Interesting Facts about Poland

  • Nearly 35% of Polish people live outside of their country mainly in the U.S, Canada, U.K, Germany, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.
  • Poland name orginated from “Polanie” meaning “people living in open fields.”
  • In a building, first floor is named “0” so if you want to go to second floor, you need to press “1” in the elevator.
  • Famous English novelist Joseph Conrad was a Polish. His real name was TeodorJozef Konrad Nelecz-Korzeniowski.
  • Poland is proud to have one of the highest Novel prize winners, total 17 including 4 Peace Prizes.
  • Poland has the oldest restaurant in Europe in Wroclaw named “PiwnicaSwidnicka” operating since 1275.
  • The candy section is the biggest section in any grocery store.
  • The world strongest man is from Poland.
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