Interesting Facts about Thailand

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Thailand located in Southeast Asia, one of the prime tourist hotspots inviting people from all over the world. The region is dominated by the Chao Phraya River Basin. The capital Bangkok is the largest city with prominent Buddhist landscape, with splendid pagodas, giant Buddha statues and others. The southern region of Thailand is mountainous and forested, but the highest hills are located in northern region with rich soils in the valleys.

Thai people are mainly Buddhist but due to proximity to Malaysia, there are around three million Muslims live in the country. Thai economy enjoys exponential growth in the last one decade with money pumps through exporting large amount of electronic and computer items, clothing and rice. Tourism is also a major revenue generation segment where people from around the world visit Thailand every year.

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Best Time to Visit Thailand

The climate is governed by three seasons: rainy (May-October), winter (November-February) and Hot (March – May). Rainy season is definitely not the best time to visit because of its unpredictability and intensity of rain. Rainy season leaves the road muddy and inconvenient. However, this is the time you find cheap hotel rooms and amenities.

The winter season starts from October and generally considered high time to visit Thailand. The air is cool but days are still hot. The summer season is desolate in Thailand. Tourists’ percentage is bare minimum and those who come, hit the beach.

Places to see in Thailand


You can’t miss it. It is really a hustling capital with ancient charm and headlong pace of modern world. There are scores of high rises, chaos, bustling markets, traffic jams, splendid Buddhist temples and plenty more. You can spend some days in Banglamphu, a small district where you can visit Grand Palace, WatPhraKaeo, exquisite work of art in National Museum and others.

The Central Plains

The central plains are surrounded by forests and located at the confluence of the KwaiYai and KwaiNoi rivers. This is a tourist hotspot because of famous Bridge over the River Kwai. You can find floating raft-house accommodation, boutique hotels and above all many ancient ruins of erstwhile cities.

Chiang Mai

The hub of backpackers, the place is a preparatory stage for a journey into the hills. There are many hill tribes who villages can be reached through hours of trek. Other than that, DoiKhu Tan National Park are renowned for its diverse birds and butterflies.


This small town was once a quaint village, but with increasing tourism in last ten years, the place has transformed into bustling tourism hub. Pai is quite popular with backpackers for its relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

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Railey or RaiLeh is a small peninsula, can only accessed by boat. The place is popular among rock climbers because of high limestone cliffs. You can relax in quaint beaches and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.


Ayuthaya is an ancient relics of erstwhile kingdom founded in 14th century. The place is located in the Chao Phraya River valley in Thailand. Once the kingdom was one of the spectacular cities in the world, now travelers visit the place to see the ruins of the magnificent empire.

What to do in Thailand?

  • Visit Similan Islands, chain of islands created by rocks and adorned by lovely beaches. The water has some extraordinary visibility so you can just watch tropical fishes, colorful corals.
  • Do not miss Bangkok’s colorful floating markets where you buy fresh fruits, vegetables, ready to drink coconut juice and local food prepared on the boat.
  • Phi Phi Islands got famous after the movie “The Beach” and it is of no doubt travelers want to hang-out in these stunning beaches, and enjoy marine life.
  • If you are in Thailand, you must involve in island hopping. Over 5000 miles of coastline is waiting to be explored. You can take a long-tail boat and discover unnamed islands and beaches as much as possible.

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Interesting facts about Thailand

  • Thailand has the world largest Buddha statue made up of gold, the largest crocodile farm, world’s tallest hotel and longest single-span suspension bridge.
  • The smallest mammal in the world, the bumble bat is found in the country.
  • Thailand has a strong Buddhist influence. All men including kings turned into Buddhist monks. In the present generation, very few young men actually embrace monkhood.
  • One-tenth of animal species are found in Thailand.
  • The Mekong River runs on the eastern border, is a home to more than 1,300 fresh water species of fish.
  • Bangkok welcomes 16 million arrivals every year, making it the most visited city in the world.
  • Thailand was never been colonized by Europeans.
  • The most people visited Thailand are British gap year students.
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