Interesting Facts about Uruguay

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Uruguay is one of the major nations in South America, located in southeastern part of it. The landscape of country is majorly dominated by rolling grasslands and farmers are mostly ranchers breeding cattle and sheep. The country is highly developed in South America with highest urban population and literacy rates, it is also the poorest country in South America.

The government has made education free for every citizen, but many Uruguayans go to Spain for better job opportunities. The economy depends heavily on agriculture including wheat, corn, barley, etc. Other major industries are food processing, electrical machinery, transportation equipment, petroleum products, and leather products.

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Best Time to Visit Uruguay

Uruguay weather is pleasant throughout the year. There is no extreme temperature in the country and rainfall is almost equally distributed throughout the year. The summer months start from December till March. Many tourists visit the country in this part of the year. This is the time when you can really enjoy the pristine beaches, and country side of the country. Temperature in summers varies between 22 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius.

Where to visit

Palacio Salvo, Uruguay

The Palacio Salvo is one of the prime attractions of Montevideo. The stunning landmark is known for its spectacular architectural buildings with a fine impregnation of classic and neo-romanticism. This infamous palace is known for its macabre architecture and grandiose size.


Casapueblo is a large palace dedicated to “Carlitos” Miguel Paez Rodriguez, the son of famous Uruguayan artist Carlos PaezVilaro. The massive building consists of an art gallery, museum and the Hotel Casapueblo. This pristine white building is similar to white buildings in Santorini.

Jose Ignacio

This tiny fishing town is located 40km east of Punte de Este. This lovely tiny town is quaint and peaceful except summer months when tourists and local people throng this place, throwing parties, enjoy carnivals and concerts.

Colonia de Sacramento

A small yet lively town originated when Portuguese settlers arrive here from Brazil in early 17th century. The town is also a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO for its architecture, historical museums and colonial charm.

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Things to do in Uruguay

  • Visit Montovideo and experience how the capital of a country lives such a quiet life. People stroll in a relaxed pace, the streets are quiet and beautiful buildings with historic architecture spread through the capital city.
  • Don’t miss asados (barbecues) in Uruguay.  You come to any market, you will see barbecue smoke fill the air and people are savoring on plate-sized steaks. If you are a vegetarian, ask for provolone cheese.
  • Enjoy flashy and flamboyant beaches of Punta de Este, which is a stark contrast to country’s rather simplistic aura. Punte de Este is surrounded by plush hotels and casinos and expensive stores selling Armani and Ralph Lauren.
  • Explore the secret of ParqueNacional de Santa Teresa, locating in the middle of vast Laguna Negra and the coast. The middle of the park there is a preserved Fort of Santa Teresa built by the Portuguese in 1762.
  • Uruguay countryside is full of ranchers and you must not miss the ride on a horse in typical Uruguayan style cowboys called gauchos. Due to its popularity many ranches are now engaged in gauchos tour in the countryside.

Interesting Trivia about Uruguay

  • The national snack is ‘Chivito’, which is a sandwich with a slice of beef, slice of mozzarella and tomato, scatter olives and hardboiled egg, a slice of ham and bacon. Many restaurants also add cucumber and fried peppers with lots of mayonnaise in it. More than a snack right!
  • The country is the first Latin American country that legalized same sex civil union in January 2008.
  • The country is ranked the top when it comes to least corruption in Latin America.
  • The country is totally out of the tropic and the only country in Latin America.
  • In 2013 Uruguay legalized Marijuana trade.
  • Uruguay is the first country in the whole world that tracks 100 percent of their cattle stock.
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