Is Lipton Tea Good for You?

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Tea is a common beverage that people take almost daily. It is an aromatic beverage that is commonly prepared by pouring of hot water or boiling water over cured tea leaves. The plant that tea is extracted from is called Camellia sinesis scientifically. Many people enjoy tea because of the cooling effects that it has. It also has a slightly bitter and astringent flavor.

Apart from the pleasure and satisfaction that Lipton tea has, studies have shown that tea is great for healthy living and does not have any negative effects on your health. There are many health benefits that can be derived from this tea.

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Antioxidant effects of Lipton tea

Metabolic activities in your body yield energy that enables the body to perform daily activities. The major macromolecules that are broken down include proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. Breaking down of these molecules, also known as catabolism, leads to the production of substances that when they are not neutralized can lead to major health conditions development.

The major antioxidants in the body are vitamins. They include vitamin A, C, and E. These are mainly derived from foods that are consumed daily such as carrots among other kinds of foods. Beverages also, especially tea contains antioxidants that help to keep your skin free of these oxidants hence preventing aging and the formation of wrinkles on your face and other parts of the body.

Antioxidants also remove the stress that your body experiences when these metabolites are not cleared from your body.

Less caffeine in tea

Caffeine has many important health benefits in your body. It if mainly derived from coffee but less amounts of this product can be found in tea. Though caffeine has many uses or benefits, it is however, not short of adverse effects. For example, many people experience insomnia after taking coffee.

Tea on the other hand, makes you relaxed and you can go to sleep immediately without finding it any hard to fall asleep. This is because it has less content of caffeine to cause any significant effects.

Effects of Lipton tea on the risk of heart attack and stroke

Heart attack, also known as cardiac arrest, is a condition that is on the rise in the general population. Its major risk factor is hypercholestrolenemia. High cholesterol content in the blood or body leads to its deposition on blood vessels especially major arteries. The deposited lipids form plugs or clots that tend to obstruct the vessel lumen.

The major site of this deposition is the coronary vessels, the blood vessels that supply your heart muscle. When the lumen is obstructed significantly, less blood reaches the myocardium and the heart muscles do not get enough oxygen. The myocardium then starts dying off leading to the intense pain associated with heart attack and the high death rate in the victims who suffer attacks. The clots may also dislodge from the vessel wall and be taken to other sites of your circulatory system.

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Major site of deposition of these clots is the brain area. Ischemia to the brain is called stroke and is highly fatal. Lipton tea through its antioxidant effects and other unestablished mechanisms prevents the formation of these plugs in your arteries therefore significantly reducing the risk of developing these two related and life threatening conditions.

Lipton tea as a driver for bone development

Bones are mainly made of body proteins and calcium. It has been long known that milk enhances the growth and development of bones. Recently, however, studies have shown that tea drinkers compared to non-drinkers have stronger bones even after adjustments to age, body weight, physical exercise, smoking, and other risk factors were done.

The researchers argued that it is the phytochemicals that are present in tea that influenced these observations. Tea consumption enhances the laying down of bone matrix, which then adds to the strength of the bones.

lipton tea benefits

Tea as an immune system booster

The immune system makes sure that you do not get recurrent infections or other serious infections. Tea has many beneficial effects to the immune system and helps in its maturity. Caffeine for example has been found to have beneficial effects on people with asthma.

The drugs that are used for asthma treatment contain caffeine as one of the constituents for example methylxanthines. Maturity of the immune mechanisms helps cut down the number of visits hat you may pay a doctor as you can effectively eliminate microorganisms without the need of any medications.

Metabolic enhancement activities of Lipton tea

Obesity is majorly a metabolic disorder that may result as a consequence of reduced metabolic activities in your body. Tea helps in enhancing these metabolic processes and may break down accumulated fat in your body to enable you to lose weight. Other metabolic disorders are also relatively reduced in people who take tea than in non-drinkers.

Other benefits of Lipton tea

Other benefits that tea has include protection against the development of malignancy, maintenance of hydration, and generally giving you a genuine smile every day. Tea is also calorie free and therefore good for health. No known adverse effects of tea consumption have been documented.

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