Jennifer Aniston – Plastic Surgery, Before and After Photos

February 2, 2014 | 0

Jennifer Aniston admitted that she has done plastic surgery. The confident actress confided to Conan O’ Brien that she has had cosmetic surgery done.  She said, “I did this thing known as peel. It is quite intense and you do not realize that you end up looking ilke a battered victim for a week and the dead skin on the face just falls off, for eight days. It is indeed, horrifying.”

Rumors of nose-jobs as well as before and after pictures of Jennifer Aniston only add fuel to plastic surgery rumors.   Seven years ago, she was even spotted leaving a plastic surgeon’s clinic but she was quick to refute the rumors and say that she had gone to repair her improperly repaired deviated septum.  But the result of that surgery was Jennifer Aniston’s nose looked sharp and more defined with a narrow bridge.

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 Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

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