Jon Hamm’s Vitiligo Fight

August 24, 2014 | 0

Jon Hamm or Jonathan Daniel is an American actor, television director and a producer. He  gained recognition after his role in the series Mad Men got him a Golden globe award in 2008. Hamm has also directed two episodes of the same show. The hit AMC series Mad Men is crucial to John Hamm’s life not only because it got him critical acclaim and recognition, but according to him, the continual stress while doing the show, has given him Vitiligo.

Though scientific claims insist that this disease is mainly because of genetic reasons, the popular discourse is that Vitiligo is stress induced. It’s a condition that causes lightening or loss of pigmentation of parts of the skin. The skin pigment cells slowly stop functioning but it cannot be the sole reason for this disease. Research suggests that it could be because of genetic reasons, neurological complications and viral causes. Apparently in John Hamm’s case, it is stress induced.

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Jon Hamm vitiligo pictures

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According to the actor this condition developed as a gradual consequence of working for the hit TV show Mad Men. The skin condition has discolored his hands and has made them blotchy in certain places. Hamm strongly believes it’s because of stress that comes and goes which did not exist before the show. His condition keeps fluctuating mainly affecting his hands severely. However he revealed that he has a relatively less effective version of the disease, most of which has been caused due to the anxiety and pressure that he went through while shooting for Mad Men, AMC’s three time Emmy winner.

Jon Hamm vitiligo

It is estimated that 1% of the world’s population suffers with this rare skin disease. However, with celebrities that becomes more problematic to accept it if they have such prominent diseases. Other than John Hamm celebrities with this same skin disease are Steve Martin, Actor Dudley Moore, comedian Joe Rogan, amongst many others. Interestingly the media confirmed John Hamm’s Vitiligo reports by naming it as ‘Michael Jackson’s disease’.

Jon Hamm hands vitiligo

Vitiligo can be cured by using steroids and ultraviolet light. However when it comes to severe conditions, the de-pigmentation of skin that is unaffected could be considered. Doing so will blend the skin affected by Vitiligo with the unaffected part. In certain cases like the celebrities, the patches can be hidden by a technique called Skin camouflage, where cosmetic camouflage makeup is applied to the affected area.

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