Kim Kardashian Crashes Her Car in Beverly Hills, Has a Narrow Escape

March 12, 2014 | 0

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian was involved in a car accident. She was driving her $140,000 Mercedes G Wagon along the Sunset Boulevard when a motorist smashed on the side of the car and hit the car. Kardashian escaped unhurt from the car accident and even the motorist did not suffer any injury. The incident ended calmly as both the parties involved in the car mishap hugged and bid goodbye to each other.

Kim Kardashian car picture

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According to TMZ, the motorist was approaching in the opposite way and was flashing the right indicator but could not avoid the collision when he failed to take the turn and Kim Kardashian carwent head on to hit Kardashain’s luxury car. After the accident, both the parties drove to the a hotel in Beverly Hills and after holding a discussion, both the parties parted their ways after hugging each other.

After the incident, no one was ticketed but the car received minor damages. Kardashian and Kanye West are planning to get married in the coming May month at Paris. The prenuptial agreement states that Kardashian stands to receive a damage amount of $1 million every year if they divorce after their wedding. The agreement states that everything that will be gifted by West to Kardashian will belong to her in the event of a divorce.

In the previous year also, when Kardashian was pregnant she was involved in a car incident while she was driving her Mercedes SUV. At that time too, the incident ended quickly after the official gave her a ‘fix-it ticket’ for using dark tints on the windows of her car. In November 2013, she was pulled over in Los Angeles when she was driving fast to outrun the paparazzi. The police were quite annoyed with the paparazzi for putting the lives of people and the 33 year old reality show starlet. In 2012 also, Kardashian was pulled over for not using license plates on the car she was driving.

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