Kim Kardashian’s look-alike Claudia Ochoa Felix is really deadly!

June 7, 2014 | 0

If on one rare day, Kim Kardashian doesn’t stay in news, her look-alikes ensure that she is still around. The case in point being a certain Claudia Ochoa Felix, who has a face and a body similar to the most popular current celebrity in the world.

Claudia Ochoa is also the alleged head of an infamous Mexican hit squad. Called Mexico’s Kim Kardashian, she is the leader of the Los  Antrax hit squad,  which is known to carry out revenge attacks and murders, among other criminal acts.

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Claudia Ochoa, the mother of three is reportedly married to Sinaloa trafficker known as ‘El Chavo’. After the gang leader Jose Gamboa, was arrested in Amsterdam, Claudia took over as the leader.  However, Felix is social media savvy and unlike others who go underground, she loves flashing her pictures and revels in the compliments that she looks similar to Kim Kardashian

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Does Claudia Felix look like Kim Kardashian?

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