Lamictal Rash

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Lamictal or Lamotrigine is a drug used in treating epilepsy and bipolar disorder mainly in treating seizures. Also the U.S Food and Drug Administration has approved Lamictal for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and prominently for disorders related to mental illness. Sometimes it is also prescribed for off-label uses, even depending upon the kind of pain even though the Food and Drug Administration has formally not yet approved the off-label uses.

At least 10% of Lamictal consumers experience a rash even though it might or might not be severe. It is often seen in the first one and a half month of the treatment and that is why the consumers must be more conscious about their skin problems so that it doesn’t get mixed up with other skin disorders. One should right way be considering a doctor in case a red rash appears as it could be the beginning of a severe skin condition. The doctor usually substitutes Lamotrigine/Lamictal with a different drug to treat seizures. Research indicates that among adults one in a thousand and among children one in three hundred experience a rash while on Lamictal. The ratio varies on the dosage and time that usually increases gradually. However there has been observed a decline in these numbers lately. Since there is an inevitable risk involved it is important to stick to the instructions about the amount of Lamictal to be taken. It is recommended to start with a low dosage and increase it gradually over the time to reduce the risks associated with Lamictal. For patients already taking Valporaete, the risk is higher and is often balanced with increasing dosage of Lamictal.

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Patients consuming Lamictal should not ignore even the slightest skin rash and stop taking it till further diagnosis by the doctor/psychiatrist. Especially the rashes that occur in the first two months might have severe results. Fever and flu could also be the associated symptoms before, after or with the rash. However rashes in the first week might not be associated with Lamictal but must still be given equal attention. Sometimes the hypersensitive Lamictal reaction may affect internal organs.

Various pathological tests like blood tests are done to completely review the condition. in case of the following signs the rash is less likely to be severe:

  1. Scattered and prominent red spots that do not hurt but are itchy.
  2. Fever less and flu less condition before or during the rash
  3. Accumulating within a week and settling in ten to twelve days

The more severe reactions with serious rash conditions that could even be life threatening are as follows:

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  1. A rash that starts coming together from different spots
  2. Fever and flu that doesn’t easily go away or stays even after consistent medication
  3. The lining membranes of genital, anal, eye or mouth area.
  4. Rash that is eminent on the upper trunk or the neck area
  5. Anything on, near or around the mouth. On the face as well.
  6. Swollen, merged and red rashes with purple spots.
  7. The severe rashes do not discolor i.e. do not turn white when pressed like other rashes.
  8. Extremely tender to touch and itchy.
  9. Shedding of the skin in large or small sheets.

Although the doctors strictly discontinue the intake of  Lamotrigine at the first sign of a rash but it might also hamper the treatment for the ones suffering from mental disorders such as bipolar sufferers especially when the rash is not that serious. Therefore the doctors or psychiatrists must be cautious enough in accessing, analyzing and recommending Lamictal provided its usefulness for mood stabilizing. Analyzing the risks beforehand becomes crucial in such cases and should be done only after evaluating the characteristics of the rash. The Lamictal can be re-diagnosed after a few months interval with a smaller dose and prescribed guidelines keeping in mind the rash conditions. However in case the rash worsens the patient then has to be carefully monitored. More often it’s the age that matters a lot in determining the characteristics and causes of Lamictal rash and there are hardly any other factors yet identified. Although all kinds of rashes are caused by Lamictal it is not possible to determine what kind of rashes can be ignored and what would prove to be life threatening. That is why it should with no delay be discontinued at the very initial signs unless its not related to Lamictal.

Lamical Rash – Pictures

lamictal rash pictures lamictal rash photos lamictal rash images lamical rash pictures

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